Recent Work (mine!)

Initially this page was an archive of all posts tagged with ‘my work’, but I didn’t like the way it looked. So in an effort to make all of this look better now and most likely to also procrastinate on other things, I decided to just make a page full of pretty pictures and links that my friends might find more accessable and aesthetically pleasing.

I think it works best if I post the work from the bottom up, yeah? New stuff on top? Yeah. Let’s roll with that for now until I have a better idea (or you suggest one). I don’t feel like going back and posting my life’s work, so I’ll stick to what’s new, lately and let it go from there.

FYI: To visit the full sets of each of these, click on the images.

Some recent logos I’ve done: (past year)

A logo proposal I did while working for the design firm. This is a flooring company, and I believe they went with this one. I’m not sure if they still work with the company I did it for, since they stopped doing design. hm.

A logo for a friend who runs a golf club repair company. My original idea used the silhouette of a driver, but he requested a putter instead. So this was the final outcome and it is being used for all business matters and on the website.


Logo treatment for the Baltimore Jinenkan, named Ryusui (flowing water). This was my old dojo and the project was very easy for me, as we’d been talking for it for at LEAST a year. The featured kanji says ‘RyuSui’, and we found it appropriate on multiple levels to use the glyph for water in this case. The logo will grace all products made for the dojo, from future business cards to t-shirts. I want a t-shirt!!!

Colors in Kassel: Feb 2011

Same as in Berlin, I didn’t go expecting to ‘make art’, we went to see the Claes that’s there, Spitzhacke. Even when we slowed down and took our time with the sculpture, that only took about 30 minutes. After that we were off to see the city, on a Sunday, which means that everything except for the restaurants is closed (it’s a Catholic country).

A few years prior, the Documentia had taken place, which is a bfd in the art world. Lots of sculptures from international and local artists, and a lot of them stayed after the fact (like the Claes one:). I don’t know if these trees were a part of that, since they weren’t exactly listed on the guides, but they were in an area that had kept a lot of the installations… so maybe they were a part of the initial festival, maybe not.

For a cold day, Kassel was full of color. I’m happy to have gone there. I’d like to go back in the spring, when it’s warmer!


Berlin Textures: Feb 2011

I didn’t post this with the intent of it being a real ‘set’, just like I didn’t go to Berlin expecting to make ‘art’. These are the photos that happen when you walk a city, get lost, stay in cool hotels (all of which we did).

I have a general rule when it comes to tourism: I never bring the ‘big camera’. I never bring the D80. Why? Because I don’t want to lose it, and because you don’t need a semi-pro camera to take amazing photos. Nothing kills me more than seeing tourists walking around with a damn camera bag and a pile of gear, as if they’re taking amazing photos. Not with that backlighting, you’re not.

Anyhoo. These photos happen. I’ve been collecting textures for years, building up some ‘image library’ for the day when I finally dive back into digital collage, which is actually what I love best. Photography grew from that specifically (even if I started earlier behind the camera), and I’ve been a photographer ever since. I wouldn’t try to show these in a gallery, per se, but I wanted to post them because I love them.


Garage: 2010-11

This set is pretty straightforward, unlike some of the other ones: the parking garage in my city (at the train station) has these awesome textured window panels, which are pretty popular in Germany, and the plants behind them look pretty awesome in the daylight.

I’ve caught them plenty of times as I exit the garage, but was finally able to go back with my camera on a sunny day between classes and snap off about 100 photos to work with. I shot this set digitally, and am wondering if I should go back with the film camera to get a better, smaller depth-of-field. I love that the textured glass is distorting the images, and I want to see if the right setting (like f4 or so) might make for a better image.

I could just as easily use the blur tool in Photoshop… but just because we CAN doesn’t always mean that we SHOULD. I’d like to leave it to nature. The only retuouching I did to these in PS was some color editing and a little distortion when my angles were off.


Reflections and Light: ongoing

This set for me is a lot like the last two, it’s not something that I’m consciously trying to do at all times, or at any given/specified time. This and the previous two are more about being in the right place at the right time. In this case, the right time is right after it’s rained.

I really love reflections. And like the street art, these are from all over the world. When I was a child it always felt like I was getting to look into another world. I’m older now, but I still enjoy what comes from them. They’re like pictures on the street. Literal street art 🙂




the Other Side of the Street: ongoing

This is a varied set, it’s more of a collection than a conscious series that I try to work on. This set just happens. I guess that’s how to say that.

I’ve got an affinity for grafitti and street art in general. So this collection has grown from my travels. The images are from Belgium, Rome, Germany, etc.




Natural Gradients: 2010 –

I had this idea back in 2002 as we were cruising the California coastline. It came in part from what I saw there and something my friend said, that ‘artists never look up’. It was kind of an existential thing that was about our whole lives, rather than just looking at the sky.

I made the effort to look up more. There’s something about the sky that really effects me, and I can’t explain it.

I’ve never been a fan of the gradient tools in my design programs. I am, however, a HUGE fan of gradients happening in everyday life. As of right now, the majority of these images are sunsets. That’s going to change, I’m just waiting for the spring. I’m still experimenting with the amount of focus used in these, but I’m starting to think that each happening requires its OWN focus, and that no two photos really need to be done the same, as long as they convey what I want them to.


Nebel: 2010 –

Inspired by Rothko, Sugimoto, fog in general and the color grey.

Nebel is the German word for ‘Fog’. This series has been a long time coming, but it wasn’t something I could easily photograph in Baltimore. Germany has proved to be the perfect place for me on multiple fronts.

There will be more of these, this was just the start.


Highway: 2010

I won’t lie. These were an experiment that went amazingly well. I knew what I wanted, had an idea about how to go about it, and it worked.

As I mentioned further down, I’m a fan of motion in all forms.

I don’t necessarily feel the need for a repeat yet, but I do have some other night-based ideas that need to be worked out digitally before I go committing them to film, and because of that I love this series even more.


Duchamp Homage: 2009

You can go right ahead and say that to you, these aren’t art. But they speak to me, which is why they got photographed in the first place.

I can’t call the paint my own design. I can call the composition and digital editing to make the colors brighter and ‘better’ my own. So, this is mine. I think.

It should also be noted that if I WERE into painting, this is probably how I would paint. But alas, I think I am kind of lazy and I also think that I would overwork these. Found is so wonderful when it fits.

Anyone that knows the work of Duchamp will understand why this series is titled this way.




What Are You Paying For?: 2009

I had this idea for EV VER. I finally got around to executing it in ’09 (also just before I moved and lost this fabulous studio space) and have only recently decided that these images need something more to them. I don’t think that the photos exactly speak for their own, and if you were to ONLY see the image at left, you’d have no real idea what the series was about.

With that in mind, I’ve decided that these need some typography, Truth-Campaign style. And since I’m actually a graphic designer, I think I know just the person to do that. So these are probably going to get worked on eventually, but they’re at the back of the pile right now since there’s no real deadline.

Until that happens, enjoy these slightly hysterical photos of people wearing holey clothing. The other two sets can be viewed HERE and HERE.


The Bedroom Sessions: 2009

Shot with my Calumet 4×5 just before I left Baltimore for Germany, this series was also a collection of friends that happened to be in my bedroom.

I got some amazing natural light in that room (northern light) and the setting was pretty perfect for some B+W photos.

I shot them as individual images, but I ended up scanning them in sets of two. I liked the way the two images played with each other and decided to keep/display them this way. I really love any kind of motion in photographs.

Thanks to those that made it in for a sitting:) I love this series so much.


Without Industry: 2008

“If we assume man has been corrupted by an artificial civilization, what is the natural state? The state of nature from which he has been removed? Imagine, walking up and down the forest without industry, without speech, and without home…”(Rousseau)

This set was inspired by my old neighborhood, a deteriorating housing location for the nearby factories. Some of them were still in use, but a lot of the roads and buildings have been long abandoned. It’s beautiful.





Scars: 2005 – 2007

This series grew from a need to deal with my scars and how I felt about them. I was afraid to look at them, afraid of what people would think of them, saddened by what they made me think of myself. It wasn’t until years and a lot of personal healing later that I realized I had grown to love them and be thankful. There is always something worse that could happen. I’m still alive. My scars are my proof.

What began as my personal therapy project to try to find the beauty in something I was self-conscious of grew into a mission to show the figurative and literal beauty of scars to the world.

The friends and stories in this series are truly remarkable. I thank my subjects for allowing me to photograph them, hear their stories and share my own.

Even if they don’t define us, they are a part of us. They build character. Make us stronger. Often, they are the reason we are still alive. They are amazing and beautiful.


The Muses: 2007 – 2010

I just woke up one night with these in my head. These images, these people, these settings. I almost don’t want to take credit for the series, because it came so easily to me. This series is a kind of ‘thank you’ to the people that have continually made my life better and worth living, my friends (and my sister, also one of the models). There are actually still a few more to shoot, but I’m happy with these for now.

My ideas on this series have changed a bit over time, and I don’t intend to do the future images exactly the same. No masks anymore, that’s definite. I’m excited to do the rest. This is one of the last series I did fully on film.

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  1. I enjoyed viewing your work. You definitely include a piece of your soul into each photograph. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.:O)



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