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Book 9: The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism, Feb 22

March 1, 2018


9. The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism,  Kristin Dombek, February 22 I had this on my Amazon wish-list as a book to check out, and my sister went and got it for me for Christmas! Yay, Steph! Thank you so much! It’s a relatively short book, as it is actually just […]

How I will NOT raise my daughters

February 12, 2018


I will not raise them to walk around, thinking they could lose 3″ off their inner thighs. I will not raise them to compare themselves to others. I will not raise them to think that they have to be pretty to get someone’s attention. I will not raise them to believe they should get married […]

We surprised my dad with a trip to Baltimore for my birthday!

January 12, 2018


And it was for the sexiest of reasons: my driver’s license was about to expire. If you live in the state of Maryland, you can renew your license on the internet – that’s true. But if you are a Maryland resident (so say my tax forms and home address) who happens to live outside of […]

Christmas in Japan

January 29, 2017


Christmas in Japan HAPPENS, just like Halloween does. But here it’s different, just like Halloween. Japan is good at appropriating international things and making them its own. I’m writing this to share what Japanese people do that is different from what Americans and others do on the date/days surrounding December 25th. There are a lot of […]

Mark says really nice things sometimes and they come out of nowhere

October 1, 2016


I went back to the Toshima-ku ward office to get some more paperwork done. He met me there on his way back from work. We were in the elevator and were talking about nothing in particular, and then the subject of people trying too hard to impress others came up. As you may well know, lately […]

It’s just so GD American…

September 23, 2016


I’ve been living outside of the USA since 2009, and I’m pretty certain I’ve changed a lot since I got on the plane to move to Germany. Of course, I would have changed just as much had I just stayed where I was, or even if I’d moved to Chicago, as I’d originally planned. But […]

search term: “is it insulting if your man call you a bitch”

September 23, 2016


This seems to be popping up a lot in my Google Analytics lately as well, and people are getting routed over to my post Using the word ‘bitch’ on me isn’t exactly an insult, but it certainly says a lot about you… So I’d like to state again, for the record, just to be sure […]