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the Thousand Cranes are finished.

November 1, 2015


They’ve actually been finished since December 8, 2013. It only took 2 years since completion to get them hung! Since completing the project, I’ve had to talk about it a lot with my students, because¬†we often talk about it in lessons. I started the project just to see if I could do it, honestly, but […]

New Photos Added to the Etsy Shop!

October 27, 2013


I was sending in my second (and hopefully final) submission to a stock photography website and found a few more images that had been massively favorited on the Flickr site. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add them to my Etsy shop and offer them as prints, since they seem to be so popular with […]

Having a sale on the Etsy page: 25% off!

October 21, 2013


To celebrate the pre-birthday season, I’m having a sale on my prints on the Etsy page. I just did a mazzive overhaul on the site to add more listings and sizes for prints, and to get rid of the prints that hadn’t got a lot of attention. I’ve also optimized for searches by updating the […]

On selling my work to people I’ll most likely NEVER meet

October 12, 2013


One of my very good friends signed my high school yearbook with the note ‘follow your dreams, keep making art and sell your painting for $16,000’. While I will probably never sell a painting as that would require owning paint or paintbrushes, I have made it to the ‘selling your art’ part of the message, […]

The Mamiya only needed a new part, and now I have two Mamiyas and three parts!

August 30, 2013


I went on a bender after that last post about the Mamiya and its broken glass, and after all of my researching I realized that all I needed was a new focus screen. I was already in the process of buying the second camera, though, so I bit it and bought the camera anyway. It […]

“Well, I didn’t make it for you!”, or: what you should know about artists when it comes to criticism. Specifically, me.

April 11, 2012


I’ve been writing this post since November. November. I started it in response to something that happened on Facebook, and I decided that I needed to get over that incident and really be ok with it before I started to write about the event objectively. I might not even be there yet, but I think […]

$5 prints from my Etsy shop while the prints last. Just an FYI ;)

March 21, 2012


A few weeks ago I took advantage of a sale my US printer was having on proof prints, just to see the quality of the images I’ve got up. While a few are obviously MUCH better large, the ones that work at the 5″x7″ size look REALLY good and I’ve decided to put them on […]