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I get a blood test every 3 months, at the behest of my Neurologist

September 23, 2016


I actually haven’t seen a GP doctor in years. I see my Neuro and my Gyno 4 times a year, though. I just saw my Neuro (and my Gyno as well, but we’re not talking about him today) again last week. He’s a nice man, and is apparently THE top doctor in Tokyo for MS. So […]

I get irrationally angry about this

July 4, 2016


I’m the last person to be concerned about following rules, most of the time. I cross when the little man is red, I walk the wrong way down streets, and I eat in my booth at work. Whatever, I (usually) do what I want! But one thing that really, really gets me irrationally angry is […]

Japan: doesn’t do injections, doesn’t do generics

August 28, 2014


It all makes so much sense now. I had a student the other day who works in the pharmaceutical industry, and they told me that they’re currently working to try to get Japan to approve generic drugs. We got into a talk then, about drugs in Japan. I told her that when I came here, […]

Then good news, the bad news, and the hospital

February 6, 2014


Remember all those times that I bitched about the bruising that comes with daily Copaxone injections? Remember how I was bitching about taking tons of pills each day? Well, in the end I decided I like swallowing better than bruising (and ‘Gina in summer who wears bikinis’ agrees), but I guess any of my boyfriends […]

I am finally lucid enough to write about what the fuck just happened to me. Again.

January 2, 2014


I wasn’t blogging back in 2003, I don’t think. I think I was thinking about it, but was preoccupied by things like finals at MICA, work and an emergency operation that launched a 10-year photo project. Let’s talk about that first. I woke up one Sunday morning in 2003, maybe in March, after my last […]

Quitting, but not for lack of trying

November 23, 2013


The last few months have been ridiculous to say the least, and I know I’ve been kind of quiet. To say that I have been stressed or busy would be correct, and also a gross understatement. I have been so stressed about so many different things that it has started to effect my health. The […]


October 23, 2013


I actually thought, somewhere back around 925, that I might end up posting MORE blog posts than folding cranes, thus reaching 1,000 blog posts before I finished the 1,000 cranes. That is clearly not going to happen, and I’m totally ok with that. Now I’m sitting here with the last 25 sheets, the last folder […]