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We hanami-ed the shit out of this year

April 11, 2018


Almost like we might be planning to leave in a year. We got to see every place we (I) wanted to see this time. I officially feel like I have ‘done hanami’ right. And it was actually all wrong, by Japanese standards. In Japan, the traditional hanami party takes place while seated, picnic style, beer […]

OMG yeah, this looks like a great place to stand right now!

March 20, 2018


This is a bit of a rant. I don’t know if it’s a Tokyo thing, a Japan thing, or an everybody everywhere thing. But WTF is up with people, whether looking down at their phones or not, just randomly walking on a crowded street or in a train station and then stopping in the MIDDLE […]

People are the WORST, part 3/3

March 3, 2018


I want to end my rant with a bit of history: I want to talk about the Hibakusha and what happened to them after they survived the absolute horror of nuclear bombings by the USA in WW2. Obviously, I’m not Japanese and I wasn’t there. I’m just an immigrant who gets to talk to a […]

People are the WORST, part 2/3

January 30, 2018


I want to start this entry with a video that is floating around the internet: While most of this is true and bikes only rarely get stolen, I want to talk about this idea of ‘mindfulness of others’. It’s a great little line to explain how Japan often works. But something we should add here […]

People are the WORST, part 1/3

January 30, 2018


Dear readers. I know I’ve been MIA and not writing or talking about much aside from books and goals in the past month or so. I’ve been working more than normal to try to make up for the vacation I took in November, the government-enforced Winter Vacation (Dec 30 – Jan 3 in Japan) and […]

About a Cat.

November 10, 2017


Today is the day I decided to leave Japan. I’ve been talking about it and toying with the idea in my head for a while: Oh, but we could stay and make it work. Oh, but it’s so nice and safe here. Oh, we could work more and earn enough money to travel home once […]

How I made a Sebastian the Crab costume for a child

November 2, 2017


I’m recording this for myself, and for others who need to make BASIC costumes for children or photo shoots. We planned a Disney theme for Halloween this year with the girls. I knew a few would be joining us, and wanted everyone to have options to choose from. A group of little girls, I figured […]