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I Illustrated a Children’s Book

January 9, 2018


I just posted about my goals, and this was a goal of mine for 2017. I accomplished it. It took me 9 months to actually do it, although it took me closer to 8 years to get around to it. My dear friend Kristi sent me the story when I moved to Germany, and I […]

It’s about control.

October 14, 2017


I had a great talk with a student last night. She is over 50, married and has a teenage child, and came in a bit late. We talked about her recent trip to the salon, where she had her hair dyed and treated with a wave. In the conversation, she said ‘I MUST dye my […]

We were THOSE TOURISTS: we went to the Park Hyatt Hotel’s New York Bar.

August 5, 2017


Also commonly referred to as ‘the Lost in Translation bar‘. It had to be done. I love the movie, I loved the scenes shot in the bar, and I wanted to see it for myself. It’s not often you get a chance to see filming locations, and after having lived in Baltimore, which shows up […]

New Year’s goals, 2017 edition

December 14, 2016


It’s the time of the year when I start looking back on my goals, to take stock of what I’ve done. It’s a bit harder this year than last year, as the death of my friend is really messing with me at the moment. Nothing seems that important or necessary. But I’m still alive, so […]

One of my favourite places in Tokyo is considered cursed. And I love it.

May 6, 2016


As I’ve mentioned in the past, I work in Otemachi in Tokyo. It’s like the Wall Street, business and financial district in the city. There are other parts of Tokyo that ALSO handle a lot of business, like Shinjuku and Roppongi, but they aren’t located next to the Imperial Palace, at the center of the […]

New Year, New Goals

January 5, 2016


When I look at the list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2015, I see some high expectations and a very rosy idea of what lay ahead. A year later, I am feeling far more pragmatic and have a better understanding of the amount of free time I actually have. Last year, I wanted […]

the Thousand Cranes are finished.

November 1, 2015


They’ve actually been finished since December 8, 2013. It only took 2 years since completion to get them hung! Since completing the project, I’ve had to talk about it a lot with my students, because we often talk about it in lessons. I started the project just to see if I could do it, honestly, but […]