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New Year, New Goals

January 5, 2016


When I look at the list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2015, I see some high expectations and a very rosy idea of what lay ahead. A year later, I am feeling far more pragmatic and have a better understanding of the amount of free time I actually have. Last year, I wanted […]

We climbed a Mountain!

August 27, 2014


Yesterday, we climbed Mount Takao, which is located to the east of Tokyo. We had originally planned to climb Mt Fuji, but bad weather forced us to NOT take on that endeavour. Mount Takao is about 599 meters above sea level, while Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, is over 3,000. It’s quite a difference. […]

The battle for a more productive use of my free time

August 9, 2014


I think the topic has come up in numerous earlier posts, but at the moment, I’m having a bit of an internal battle/argument with myself over how to most effectively use my free time. By ‘free time’, I mean the few hours I happen to end up with in the mornings when I wake up […]

How many goals can you chase in one day?

January 14, 2013


That was my yesterday, no doubt. The weekend went by FAR too quickly, and yesterday wasn’t even to blame, considering I spent almost ALL of yesterday just being sad that it was Sunday, and not Saturday. Does that ever happen to you? So there’s something going on with my shoulder, and I don’t know what […]

Into 2013

December 29, 2012


As the days of 2012 dwindle down and I relish in my vacation time away from Wu, it only seems appropriate to FINALLY commit all of the goals I’ve been contemplating for 2013 to… not paper. To digital. To the blog. To the world? I’m officially holding myself accountable by posting them here for everyone […]

Lack of music, lack of motivation?

November 2, 2012


I can’t help but wonder if the two are connected. Or at least, connected for me. In the past two months I haven’t been listening to music as much as I normally do. It’s due to a lot of things, and I can’t put the blame on one part of my life/psyche or another. But […]

You don’t have to be 100% of anything

July 10, 2012


Here’s a blog I posted to FitFreedom, and I think it’s relevant enough to share over here, as well! I hope you enjoy it (if you read it):) You don’t have to be 100% of anything.