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It’s about control.

October 14, 2017


I had a great talk with a student last night. She is over 50, married and has a teenage child, and came in a bit late. We talked about her recent trip to the salon, where she had her hair dyed and treated with a wave. In the conversation, she said ‘I MUST dye my […]

MORE UNDERWEAR TALK (TMI warning): boxer briefs on women

August 14, 2017


I had this thing happen to me a few weeks ago. Two words: yeast infection. In the US, I could just go to Target or CVS and buy some cream, and be done with it in a few days. It would be so easy. But here in Japan, there’s no over-the-counter remedy. Anything that is […]

So, you’re saying I should just leave it alone?

March 3, 2017


I’ve been messing with my hair for weeks. As I wrote in earlier posts, I’ve been trying to maintain a grey color for a long time now, and it’s been going ok. I guess. I just spent 2 weeks in NZ, with zero color-saving products. No color rinses to keep the grey for longer, no special […]

I was going to bitch about what’s been going on with my hair these past few weeks, but…

January 25, 2017


then I found this extremely helpful post that made it all easier to understand. As it turns out, I’ve chosen to dye my hair the most difficult color to maintain. So yeah, I washed my hair a week later and lost that amazing, deep grey I’d finally accomplished. But at least on the upside, I […]

(mis)Adventures in hair dyeing

January 11, 2017


The long slog to grey. As you may have read last  year, I tried to dye my hair grey. Not ALL of my hair, mind you, just the ends. I’m a big fan of ombre as it’s low maintenance and I don’t have to really worry about the upkeep or doing my roots. So when […]

I am basically being lazy AF.

December 11, 2016


I always get this way as the weather starts to get colder and I can’t remember how to dress myself, but now I have the added advantage of not knowing how to dress myself for teaching at the University. Awesome.                     So the past few weeks, […]

Mark says really nice things sometimes and they come out of nowhere

October 1, 2016


I went back to the Toshima-ku ward office to get some more paperwork done. He met me there on his way back from work. We were in the elevator and were talking about nothing in particular, and then the subject of people trying too hard to impress others came up. As you may well know, lately […]