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Tokyo Vignettes

April 17, 2012


A few tiny, interesting or funny things have happened in the week-point-five that I’ve been here, and it feels fitting to put them all in one place:) On the train: Groping? I was standing on the train with the girls one night on our way to or from somewhere. The train was relatively empty and […]

The end of the Japan trip: in which we fly to Kyushu, play amongst the monkeys and then hit an Onsen. Oh, and a castle.

April 17, 2012


The final leg of our trip began on Thursday morning, when A and I took trains through Tokyo to get to Haneda airport, and then flew to Kyushu (in the south, the last big island before the chain of smaller ones) to visit our friend Kikue. It was quite an excellent time, riding the trains […]

Love Letters from Nihon: the beginning of the end

April 11, 2012


When we left off, we’d just enjoyed a full day of tourism and were totally wiped out. That effectively kept happening. On Monday, B and V left to go home and we had training as usual in the morning, just without them. After training, the remaining three of us decided to just take it easy […]

Helpful information from Sensei

April 9, 2012


We’ve gotten a lot of great and interesting information on this trip, but I think one of the most interesting things that is NOT budo-related that he’s said to us came the other day when B, A and I were at dinner with him and we were talking about natural disasters. We talked about 311 […]

Love Letters from Japan: Sake, singing, cherry blossoms and Buddha’s birthday celebration!

April 8, 2012


Hello again! In the last episode, we climbed a mountain! In this episode, the only mountain that was climbed was the mountain IN OUR SOULS >:) The rest of the week went by really quickly, mostly because we had a somewhat full social calendar. Who would have guessed, seeing as how we’re in another country? […]

Love Letters from Japan: In which I drink FAR too much, wear a cooling vest, and climb a mountain

April 6, 2012


I’ve been lax on the updates, sorry for that. But I have a lot to share this time! In our last episode, the girls were delayed and I slept alone at the Honbu! The next evening, 2 (A and B) of the 4 had arrived and we stayed up talking after training that morning. It […]

Konichiwa, bitches

April 2, 2012


I love that I can simultaneously quote Robyn and talk about being in Japan. Excellent. Today is officially day 3 here in the land of the rising sun, and I’m going to try my best to keep an accurate record of what happened this time around (minus all of the super secret lady things we’re […]