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I tried THINX period underwear (TMI warning: lady blood)

August 14, 2017


… and I love them. But I think there may be a caveat to this for other women. Even though I know I’m already being super-green by not having my own kids, I try to do whatever I can to make as little waste as possible in my daily life. I always use reusable shopping […]

trying to be green

January 18, 2017


One of the things I’ve been trying to do lately is be MORE green than I already am. In my new year’s goals for 2017, I mentioned not wanting to contribute to animal cruelty and go vegan in my cosmetics when possible. This is an extension of that: We also want to stop being so […]

Being green: stop buying pens

May 15, 2016


And start buying ink refills. Japan is the king of wasteful wrapping. They waste so much plastic on everything, from giving me a plastic bag when I don’t need it to needing to wrap every pastry in the store in 2 or 3 layers of it. Maybe it’s for cleanliness? As a teacher, the most […]

but seriously, FUCK wearing makeup.

May 7, 2016


(above photos include zero makeup) I did a little experiment 2 or 3 weeks ago and went for 10 days without makeup. I went to work, went out to meet people after, saw a friend or two on my days off. No one made any mention of it, and I have a feeling that not […]

Kind of an outfit post: the most excellent vintage find

January 21, 2016


I’ve been meaning to post about this, TRYING to post about this, and I’ve been working a lot. I wanted to take some better photos, but I’m sure plenty are going to show up soon, since I’m taking a trip to England at the end of the month. I needed a new leather (or non-leather) […]

I tried: John Masters Organics shampoo and conditioner

November 5, 2015


It wasn’t by choice that I tried these products, even though I’ve often walked past the John Masters Organics stores here in Tokyo and wondered if: a) they really ARE organic, and b) they are therefore cruelty-free I got a chance to find out 2 weeks ago, when, in a conversation with a student that […]

a Product I love, Packaging I hate

October 16, 2015


I wrote earlier about writing to LUSH about their packaging of cosmetics: the container for their Emotional Brilliance loose powder is extremely difficult to use, and makes me NOT want to buy it. While they are apparently testing some new container for the powder as you read this in one of their London stores, that testing […]