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I really hate writing about myself. Bios, I mean. They take too long, I don’t like talking myself up/selling myself and I generally think that most of my life is so unbelievable that people simply won’t believe me. But I can show you a few thousand amazing photos…

In short, my life is pretty awesome, and I’m thankful for that. It took a lot of work, and wasn’t always so kick-ass. I have lots of interests, pleather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

You won’t find my real name anywhere on this blog, because I try to keep a low profile when it comes to my location, personal details, etc. I fully understand that once something is on the internet, it is as good as public knowledge, but all the same, I surprisingly don’t dig as deeply into my life as one would suppose from reading. A lot of the stuff I write about is here pretty surface-level for me.

My hobbies include (god {I’ve been heavily influenced by the } Germans):
Martial Arts
Rock Climbing
(fitness and active stuff in general)
writing (a LOT)
listening to, talking and writing about music

I went to school for art, actually. I am not some person that thinks they can draw and likes to tell people I’m an artist. I have a degree that says I’m an artist (a graphic designer and photographer, to be precise), I have a raging portfolio, many art sales and lots of clients to back it up. I’m a major critic and will tell you my opinion if you ask. Don’t expect me to spare your feelings. I’m not a snob about art, I’m just open. Ask and ye shall receive.

I will tell you that I like to write, however, because I do… but I’m not sure I’ll ever call myself ‘a writer’.

I’ve had a lot of jobs, since going to art school does not often equal getting a high-paying job in the arts. Not that it should, but it’s important to mention this to people who may not understand. I’ve had tons of experience. I’ve had some kickass jobs. I’ve also had plenty of shitty jobs and the bosses to go along with them. I’ve also managed to have a lot of fun.

I believe that people should live honest and respectful lives. I believe that if you talk a big talk, your walk should back that up. I have no time or sympathy for hypocrites, hypochondriacs or drama cases. I believe that we all have the power to do whatever we want to in our lives, and don’t really pay attention to those who choose to wallow in some aspect of bad fortune. We are living our lives for ourselves, and are responsible for our own outcome and happiness. I am careful when it comes to new people but once we’re friends, we’re really friends.

But enough about me already.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. It’s a combination of three previous blogs: my personal blog, my arts blog and my music blog. I’m planning some new things for the coming year and one of them requires that all of my writing be in one place. I also happen to like all of the options provided by WordPress for personalization and archiving.

DSCN7733sI’ve kept a personal blog since around 2001. That’s not a long time as far as the internet is concerned, and it doesn’t feel like so long looking back on it all from here. But a lot has happened, and blogging started as my way to get through all of that and to share my (learning) experiences with others. The music blog came next when I joined MOG in the beginning of its life. Now that MOG has (mostly) eliminated the community aspect, it makes no sense to write there anymore. The arts blog came a few years later, once I decided that I wanted to share the art I was experiencing with my friends. Since these are all very big parts of my life, it made no sense to keep them separated.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading:)

Oh yeah, and I currently used to live in Germany. Hence the blog title.

/////// UPDATED: June 2013///////

A whole hell of a lot has changed since I wrote my ‘about’ page, but for the most part I’m still the same, just not currently settled anywhere. I left Germany to come back home, after not having visited for upwards of two years. I was not interested in living in the small city I was in, or staying there, and wanted to get out and do the things that I wanted to do. So I am currently running around the US (and some other parts of the world), trying to figure out where to settle and make a life next. Expect a lot of traveling, a lot of considersations, and probably a lot more photos. 🙂

/////// UPDATED: April 2014///////

As you may have read from posts on the front page, I now live in Japan, hence the NEW blog title. I’ve  been here since January, and am planning to stay for at least 2  years. I’ve got a contract with a language school and am working on getting settled in. This will, of course, result in MANY posts about culture shocks and things I will learn about myself in the process. Stay tuned!

IMG_3160/////// UPDATED: October 2015///////

I still live in Japan, I’m still working at a language school, and life is still generally awesome, although I definitely feel myself getting older these days. I’m as healthy as I could possibly be, and my job is pretty stable. I’m still trying to find the time to do all of the things I want to do when I’m NOT at work, and am sadly STILL trying to learn Japanese.

I’ve gotten to travel a LOT in the past year, and made it down to Australia. I’m hoping to keep doing that in the coming year, as well as to keep visiting Claes and Coosje works all over the world!

DSC_7200/////// UPDATED: April 2017///////

Wow, what happened there? I went MIA on the updates page. But I assume anyone reading this might have also been reading all of the stuff I’ve been posting since October in 2015? We can hope.

It all looks the same but really, so much has changed. We are still here in Japan, but are now planning our escape. We are both still teaching English, but I have gone off and SERIOUSLY diversified, bitches. I needed to do it to keep my sanity.  Now I teach children, private students, groups, and even had a brief stint at a great university. All of this along with the normal, visa-supporting job as a teacher at an Eikaiwa.

IMG_4993We also went and got married. We did that in August ’16, in Tokyo. It was everything you’d expect a wedding in Tokyo in August to be: hot, sweaty, strangers EVERYWHERE.

We are slowly planning our escape from Japan. Looking at where to move next, how to adopt children, the best places to live, etc. All of that. It will be a process, and you will get to read all about it as we figure shit out.

We’ve traveled a lot, and have no intention of stopping. Since the last update, we went to New Zealand, Thailand, the UK and the UK. This year we’ll be doing a lot of domestic travel inside Japan, as our families are coming to visit US!

Oh, and my Japanese is still terrible. I’m starting to wonder why I’m even bothering sometimes.

7 Responses “About Germanihon-Marie” →
  1. The new blog looks nice.


  2. Spacey


    Hi there, such a quaint place you have here. I like your frank way of presentation and the pictures are spectacular. Will be dropping by often and read some more of your posts.

    Spacey (spaesee.wordpress)

  3. You sound like a nice person. It’s an amazing thing to have many interests. You’ll never get bored. Most of my interests are quite solitary, people tend to think that I’m boring. My life is interesting, if only people can exchange shoes for a day or two.
    Great blog.
    Nice to meet you.


  4. theumbrellabloggers


    I’m so glad I stumbled onto your blog! It sounds like you are living the dream 🙂 Teaching in Germany sounds so lovely. I can’t wait to read about your travels.


  5. Your about section sounds a lot like me, except music and german part! looking forward to read your work, following you now 🙂


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