We were THOSE TOURISTS: we went to the Park Hyatt Hotel’s New York Bar.

Posted on 05.08.2017


Also commonly referred to as ‘the Lost in Translation bar‘.

It had to be done. I love the movie, I loved the scenes shot in the bar, and I wanted to see it for myself. It’s not often you get a chance to see filming locations, and after having lived in Baltimore, which shows up in MANY movies, for so long, it was about time that we consciously went to visit one.

And also, we had family visiting. Family that had seen the movie, too. So it was like, required.

The Park Hyatt is a VERY swanky, VERY expensive hotel in Shinjuku. It’s often used to house visiting international clients, celebrities, etc.

The New York Bar is on the 52nd floor of the hotel and is pretty tame, as far as bars in Shinjuku go. Golden Gai, it ain’t. Although to be fair, even Golden Gai is tame since it’s in Japan. This is easily the safest place in the world to get drunk.

After 7pm, the bar charges a cover of Y2,500. But it opens at 5pm, so if you want to skip the charge and are ok with a daylight view of Tokyo, it’s a good time to go. But note: Even if you are in the bar before 7pm, you will be charged the cover fee if you stay past 7pm. Also, most of the tourists start to show up as the sun goes down.

And tourists there were. I’m pretty certain that the only Japanese people in the bar were the wait and bar staff.

…Which is ok. It’s a hotel. Tourists go to hotels. By the time we left (just before 7, as the sun was going down), the place was packed full of gaijin. Fine.

But what one saves on the cover charge before 7, one spends on a drink at the bar: most of the drinks started around Y2,000, so it’s not the place to visit if you’re intending to drink a lot and save money.

But who cares? It’s vacation! Have a Y2,500 dirty martini! I certainly did. We were the first people in the place when it opened at 5pm, so we got a prime seat at the window (terrifying), took photos, had our drinks and bar nibbles, and then left.

You pay for the experience, right? We had the place to ourselves, took our ‘Lost in Translation’ shots, and went on to tour the rest of Shinjuku.

A successful visit to a famous place. Nailed it.