Added to the Music (continued) page: Run the Jewels

Posted on 12.05.2017



50. Run the Jewels, RTJ3 (2016)
Just drop everything and listen to this.

I’m late to the RtJ game, since I’ve been out of the states for a while and not really paying much attention to new music (she says as she adds entry #50 to her music recommendations page). But seriously, it’s hard to keep track of new stuff when your only contact with your musically-inclined friends is email and Facebook. So, whatever.

I credit my new love of RtJ to DJ Shadow, of course, who featured them on the MOST AMAZING TRACK to come out of 2016, Nobody Speak. Because that shit is GOLDEN.

Lyrically strong, good beats, hilarious jokes. Give them a listen. My favorite track: Stay Gold. Of course.

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