Less Work, More Money

Posted on 11.03.2017


It’s a simple idea. It’s a goal of mine.

I don’t need to be rich, or to make more than I need. What I do need as a human being is something that makes me WANT to work, and a place where I feel appreciated. While I haven’t had any major issues with my major employer lately, I’m under no illusions of what I am to them: a number.

This is why I set this goal. I needed to get out of that space, even if it was only for a few hours each day. I needed to work in an environment free from pretense and unreasonable expectations. At a job where I wouldn’t be rated on my appearance rather than my skill or eagerness to flirt back. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens enough to be a problem and keep me from getting raises.

Enter: an old online student who had a great idea. Called Baby Steps, it’s a low-cost weekend class for very young children (4 months – 3 years) and their parents. I won’t go into too much detail because it is really a great idea, but will instead talk about what it means for me.

At my normal job’s rate, I would earn Y6,500 for the time. I would be subjected to possible negative ratings and work in my office without windows.

At the Baby Steps rate,  I earn Y7,500 for the same amount of time. 1/2 of the time is spent commuting (so reading or listening to music) and the other half is spent basically playing with kids and teaching some English words.

So less work (in my mind), and less stress, and Y1,000 more for the time. It’s really only a difference of $10, but it’s the feeling that counts. So I feel better at my normal job and get a small break, and even get to see some sunshine. It’s not much, but it already feels so much better after the first week.

And I love the name. I must say ‘baby steps’ to students once a day. So it really fits me well. We don’t have to make monumental changes in our lives to feel different. The tiniest change might be just enough.

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