Jan 12: The Martian Chronicles

Posted on 09.03.2017


01. The Martian ChroniclesRay Bradbury (Jan 12)
At least I’m off to a good start. I went a little apeshit the last time I was in a Barnes & Noble and whipped out the To-Read list on my phone, and bought a whole bunch of books. It was SO EXCITING to be in a bookstore FULL OF SHIT I COULD READ!

This was on the list because I had recently re-read All of Summer in a Day, which is by far STILL one of my favorite short stories, ever. And I read it in like 6th grade. So I wanted to finally check out this collection.

I was so happy with it. It was beautiful. And sad. And very upsetting. I know these aren’t true stories, but I was so, so mad at the human race at the end of it. I think that might have been the point. But the first few stories, which focused more on the Martians’ lifestyle than our ruining the planet made me wish it were or had been true. Maybe Ray’s ideas are where we’re headed. One can hope.

Favorite stories from the series:
Night Meeting
The Fire Balloons
Usher II
The Long Years
The Million-Year Picnic (something very similar to this story happened to a friend of mine, who was told she was going on vacation and then told when she arrived in the new country that they were never going home again.)

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