Feb 20: The Princess Diarist

Posted on 09.03.2017


05. The Princess DiaristCarrie Fischer (Feb 20)
After we finished Burial Rites, we really wanted to actually read something that we thought might be cheery. We never choose cheerful or irreverent things, but we thought this might be a good one.

This one was ‘short’ by audiobook standards: only 5 hours! We did the entire thing on a drive from Blenheim back inland, south, and then back east along the inland track to Kaikoura. The 1 was closed due to earthquake damage.

I think this was the first Carrie Fischer book for both of us, so we had no idea what to expect. I’ll be reading more in the future, definitely. I think in my mind, this was more about the diaries she kept while she was filming Star Wars. Yes, that’s what this is about, but I didn’t expect all of the entries to be about Harrison Ford. I guess she was young at the time, so it makes sense, I just thought there would be more. Of anything.

We listened to this just after she died. She is the one reading the non-diary entries part of the book, which is the entire beginning, and then some at the end as well. It was bittersweet to hear her talking about her life, and getting cast in the movies, and discussing the affair with Harrison.

I’m not really too interested in who slept with whom, but I guess it was a big deal at the time and she was young-ish when it happened. So maybe that’s why it was kept quiet. Oh, and he had a family. Got it.

It was a bit hard to listen to the younger Carrie writing in her diary about the unattainable, emotionally unavailable man. I remember being that girl once, too. But now I’m not so interested in that stuff.

So maybe it will be better for me to read Wishful Drinking. Or anything written after her 20’s.

But it was nice to hear her voice, and to hear her telling the stories in her own words. At least.

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