So, you’re saying I should just leave it alone?

Posted on 03.03.2017


I’ve been messing with my hair for weeks. As I wrote in earlier posts, I’ve been trying to maintain a grey color for a long time now, and it’s been going ok. I guess.

I just spent 2 weeks in NZ, with zero color-saving products. No color rinses to keep the grey for longer, no special color-extending conditioner. None of it. Just some organic shampoo and conditioner we bought while we were there.

To be honest, I’ve only really washed my hair 4 times since I went on my honeymoon, which sounds about right. I don’t wash it all that often.

img_5917But you know what? After all of that, the grey is FINE. It looks grey today. It looks good. It doesn’t look too greenish or bluish, it’s just grey.

And all I’ve done in the past 3 weeks was to use the color conditioner 2 nights ago.

I know that grey is hard to maintain and that it’s a temperamental color. I  know that my hair might be too yellow-blonde underneath to get a really steel color.

But this whole time, I’ve been nit-picking and playing with it and trying to enhance the color, when really, it just needs to sit and be left alone. It’s been totally fine this whole time.

This is so typical for my life: over plan and over work and then half of the work isn’t even needed. Go to the shop today even though I know I’ll be walking by it tomorrow. Iron the shirts today when I KNOW there will be 3 more to iron tomorrow.

I really have to remember to slow down and let things be once in a while.

When I was a child, I used to find the ONE tiny, minute edge of the wallpaper that was sticking up in a room, and within minutes, I’d peel off a good portion of the wallpaper. Trying to make it smooth. Trying to make it better.

I need to stop trying  to make things better and be ok with how they are.


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