Added to the Music page: The Avalanches

Posted on 03.03.2017


b369b59548. The Avalanches, Wildflower (2016)
Because of COURSE.

I have A LOT of music to get through and am going to do my best to deal with all of the amazing albums that have come out that we’ve had on repeat. We’re starting here, since we’ve all had to wait 16 years for this to come out.

It was totally worth it.

As my husband said, ‘you KNOW it’s from the Avalanches as soon as it starts’. There’s just no way it could be anyone else. Granted, it’ll never hold a place in my heart like Since I Left You does, but it shouldn’t be the same. This album is its own entity and absolutely stands alone.

The band themselves have described the album as a ‘road trip’. I’m inclined to say that this album is like summer: it’s relaxed, refreshing and just fun. Even the videos are fun: the video for Subways is excellent:

Personal favorites are Because I’m Me, Subways, the Noisy Eater and Park Music.

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