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Posted on 03.03.2017


wildbeasts-boyking49. Wild Beasts, Boy King (2016)
I think we must have heard them at Summer Sonic: they didn’t play, but their music was being played in a few different places, I Shazamed it, and then we listened to it at home.

I’d known who the Wild Beasts were and had listened to some of their earlier stuff, but this album just sounds different. A quick look online suggests that the band was making more of a concept album here, “dealing with the self-destructive effects of modern-day masculinity.” (- Wikipedia). I am TOTALLY down for an album about toxic masculinity. Get the word out there, please!

The vocals are smooth and sexy, the lyrics are pretty strong and direct, and the songs are just fun. I’ve had it on repeat for my morning commute for a few days now, and we listened to it a few times while we were on our New Zealand honeymoon road trip.

I’m not sure I could choose a favorite song, since I like a LOT of the tracks on the album. So I’ll just note the ones that stand out most: Alpha Female, Big Cat, Eat Your Heart Out Adonis.

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