Please: Don’t be THAT asshole.

Posted on 01.02.2017


about_mainvisualWe went to see the amazing PJ Harvey last night at the beautiful Bunkamura Orchard Hall, in Shibuya.

It was an amazing place: a theater, set up for all kinds of performances. Plays, concerts, etc. Gorgeous.

We were really excited that PJ was even coming at all. Thank goodness she released a new album and had reason to tour. We were also really excited because it was going to be at this lovely venue. It might actually be a civilized event.

This is not to suggest that Japanese audiences are NOT civilized, because they are actually far safer and calmer than most crowds attending a gig. But as our last concert was Radiohead in a big stadium and the crowd somehow managed to get dangerous and pushy/crushy, we had reason to feel relief about this. You got assigned seats here. And ours were AWESOME. Adult entertainment!

img_5685We somehow got seats in the 10th row from the stage, on the main floor. We were beyond thrilled about that.

On the way there, I said to Mark ‘I really hope no one feels the need to stand up’.

Mark replied ‘Come on, it’s a concert hall. Why would anyone feel the need to stand up with assigned seats?’

Oh Mark. We are in Japan. The land of ULTIMATE FANDOM.

OF COURSE they stood up. There were two SUPERMEGAAMAZEBALLSOMGLOL fans in the effing front row, right in the center, and they felt the need to stand as soon as the band got on stage.

And they stood for the entire time.

And the rest of the crowd, being ridiculous followers, felt the need to stand up as well.

I really, really, really wanted to sit and enjoy. From my seat. Enjoying, from my seat. Like in a movie theater.

But no. Everyone in rows 1-9 felt the need to stand up. So we had to stand up if we wanted to see. And then they just never sat down. And then when you turn around, you see that everyone in all of the effing floor seats felt the need to stand, too. All because of these two assholes in the front row.

So even though we had these amazing, relatively comfy seats, we didn’t get to use them. I guess the good part is that no one felt the need to crowd the venue and stand in the aisles. The people in the upper decks remained seated, because there was no real reason to stand. They already had a great view.

But seriously, guys? You’re in the front fucking rows and you need to stand up?

I love going to concerts, but I vehemently hate people who are completely unaware of the others around them. If you are standing up, the person behind you won’t be able to see. If you are really tall, the people behind you won’t be able to see.

I am 5’2″. 157 cm tall. And when there is a person who is shorter than me nearby or behind me, I let them get in front of me. Because I know how it feels to be standing in a crowd at a gig and unable to see the performers. And I felt really, really bad about being basically forced to stand up.

Thankfully, the idiots in the front row who ruined it for everyone didn’t even get so much as a glance from PJ, and they were 2 feet in front of her. She didn’t acknowledge them at all.

It’s great to be excited to go to a concert. It’s great to love the band/artist, and to get a chance to see them live. But please, don’t be THAT ASSHOLE. The rest of us wanted to watch the show, too.