I was going to bitch about what’s been going on with my hair these past few weeks, but…

Posted on 25.01.2017


then I found this extremely helpful post that made it all easier to understand.

As it turns out, I’ve chosen to dye my hair the most difficult color to maintain. So yeah, I washed my hair a week later and lost that amazing, deep grey I’d finally accomplished. But at least on the upside, I know which one works best for me! I’ll be buying a LOT of that from the UK now.

The following week, I used Overtone’s Daily Conditioner to try to keep the color in for longer. No dice, it was always going to fade, and the bleached part of my hair was pretty yellow. A little green in places.

From there, I moved on to use Overtone’s Weekly Treatment, and that finally did SOMETHING. When used with Lush’s Daddy-O Purple Shampoo, it allowed my natural hair to be a bit more Chestnut, and got the grey back.

So it seems like this is going to be a weekly thing, since I really only wash my hair about once a week. The Daily Conditioner won’t do much on its own, but I think paired with the Weekly Treatment, it should keep the color for longer. The products were all easy to use, it’s just silly that I’ll have to do so much to keep grey. It seems a bit ironic to be trying to KEEP a grey color in my hair.

Here’s what the progression looked like:

I guess it’s a good way to experiment with all of the vegan hair coloring products on the market. I’m going to go for manic panic next, as they have that at a store nearby.

Here is the final (this week) product, after purple shampoo, Daily Conditioner (which I use once a week, since I don’t wash my hair that much) and the Weekly Treatment.


My husband says it looks green. I think it’s more grey. It seems it depends a lot on the lighting we’re in. But I’m ok with this color. Now I guess let’s see if it lasts. Or if I can make it last?