Continuing the trials: the “bag of dicks”

Posted on 14.01.2017


As I said in an earlier post, this is the month where I’m experimenting with things that were once my favorite foods, to see if that’s still the same after a year of not eating meat.

img_5577This week, I ate pigs in a blanket. They come in a cute plastic bag here in Japan (as does just about everything, sadly), so they have been renamed ‘the bag of dicks’.

I used to love these when I was back in the states. I made them all the time. Just buy a bag of frozen links, a can/tube of Pillsbury dough and pop them in the oven. They were so easy. They were a comfort food.

I couldn’t find the things to make them here, and the hot dogs/sausages in Japan all seem to have really tough skin and squirt at you when you bite into them. This is both gross and usually scalds some part of my face/mouth. So I resorted to buying the pre-made bag of dicks from a popular bakery chain. They were good. I enjoyed them.

As with the McDonald’s, I don’t anymore. They just aren’t actually that good if you’re not eating them regularly. And so I won’t eat them anymore.

The trials continue.