(mis)Adventures in hair dyeing

Posted on 11.01.2017


The long slog to grey.

As you may have read last  year, I tried to dye my hair grey. Not ALL of my hair, mind you, just the ends. I’m a big fan of ombre as it’s low maintenance and I don’t have to really worry about the upkeep or doing my roots.

So when I went back to my hair stylist in December, I asked for a cut and a bleach, but no dye. They’d given me a wash last time and it only lasted about 1 wash. So I wasn’t going to pay Y8,000 for that BS. I want permanent color!

While we were in England in October, I picked up a few boxes of permanent grey color at the Boots. I wasn’t sure which one would work best for me, so I grabbed 2 different versions from the same brand: a lighter and darker grey.

img_5572img_5595First up was the Silver Blonde from Colour-Freedom. It was my first time trying an at-home dye and I might have applied it wrong, or not waited long enough, or maybe it just didn’t take. Either way, at the end of it, may hair was mostly unchanged, except for the really, really white-blonde parts.

So I read the instructions again, this time, all of them, and learned that since my hair is a warmer yellow-blonde, I should use some kind of purple shampoo or wash to cool the tone down before trying to dye it a cooler color.

In the search for purple shampoo or a cooling toner shampoo, I came across LUSH’s Daddy-O shampoo.

Of course, I went for it. All of the other ones were made by Japanese companies or only available for order online through Amazon. There’s a small-ish LUSH outpost in our train station, so I just stopped by on my way to work and picked it up.

I’ll agree with the online reviewers: the texture and consistency of the purple shampoo is a bit strange: runny-ish. But it smells good, so who cares? I tried it out and it DID actually cool my tone down a little, so OK.

Also, I know the company is cruelty-free and recycles their bottles, so this was the best discovery I could have made in the hair-dyeing department. Sticking to those new year goals!


seems legit



A week later: I followed all the instructions, washed my hair with the purple shampoo the day before and used NO styling products.

I made sure to coat the shit out of my hair this time. The first time around, I had tried to use a board and a tinting brush and be all precious with it. Not this time. This time, I squirted that shit straight into my hands and massaged it in with my fingertips (wearing gloves). I also made sure to massage it for longer, as the directions suggested.

It looked MUCH more believable, just after the application this time. In the first run, I wasn’t sure if my hair should LOOK grey or not.

My only issue was lighting: in my bathroom, the left side of my head faces the window, so I had natural lighting to work with, but the right side of my head was harder to see and therefore it was harder for me to catch any stray blonde strands I may have missed. I kind of want to add or install a mirror that can sit on the windowsill, so I can get all-over natural lighting. We’re not allowed to hang anything from the walls, so I can’t just mount something somewhere.

img_5623Even though I MAY not have let it sit in and work long enough (we had to leave to go to meet someone for dinner), it DEFINITELY stuck this time. So I’ll probably be buying more of this to apply in the future, assuming the company doesn’t test on animals. I still have to check that. I was in a hurry when I bought it.

This color turned out a bit dark, but I like it. It’s really subtle and you kind of have to do a double-take to notice that the ends are grey. There are a few parts that seem downright chestnut, and a few spaces (thankfully in the bottom layer) that I seem to have missed, or didn’t get the dye in for long enough. But this is a good start and I’m really, really happy with the color.

Now, I’ll be using Overtone to keep the color for longer and seeing just how long the color stays.