I forgot to say: I got to do Halloween twice this year!

Posted on 23.12.2016


I’ve been a bit haphazard with the posts and the order of things lately. I’ve been busy and on top of things, but not at the same time.

I was putting off a lot of things because I was waiting for our wedding photos from our visit to the UK to arrive, and that led me to not printing or writing about anything that happened after that trip.

This year, I got to do Halloween twice. Once at work, and once on the actual day.

I didn’t do it last year at work because I was in a different mood about my job and the amount of work I put into it, so I didn’t go to the Halloween Party that the office puts on for the students. That, and my costume was arriving in the mail in multiple deliveries, and wasn’t actually all there on the day of that one.

img_9377But since then, me and a few coworkers had been talking about doing a group cosplay for this year. Two of us followed through on it: Adventure Time. He wanted to be Princess Bubblegum, and I said I’d be his Marceline. I was basically already ready for it, as I had the jeans, boots and tank to go with one of her more well-known outfits. I just had to buy the wig and fangs.

The only issues with this awesome cosplay were that:
a) no one knew who we were, even though you can buy Adventure Time merch just about everywhere.
b) I literally had 10 minutes to get dressed after my final lesson before it was time to do the party, so I didn’t have time to get the fangs in, or get my makeup handled. It was a pretty lame first attempt, but I can always perfect it later.

To add to this, all of the counselors were doing a Harry Potter theme, and I was really sad to NOT be a part of that. It would have meant I’d have to buy a lot of wizardy-stuff, but I’ve definitely wanted a reason to buy a wand for a while. This could have been it. Even though I guess at this age, I’d be dressing as a professor rather than a student.

Aside from that, it was fun. We had fun wearing our costumes and basically showing everyone a photo of who we were supposed to be. So it was fine. Fine.

img_7842Mark made one of my teenage fantasies come true and was Brandon Lee from the Crow. It was super sexy and I got to see him dressed that way twice! To be fair, I think he chose the costume because it was pretty easy and he already had most of the parts, but that’s a fine reason (see: Marceline). I just wish we could have been at the same party. A vampire and the ghost of a rock star would have been like a Cure song.

The second time I did Halloween was actual Halloween night, which fell on a Monday this year. At the request of the girls, I was Sailor Pluto again. Last year one of them wasn’t happy with her costume, so they wanted to do it again this year, with a new costume for one of them. I was definitely happy to be Sailor Pluto again, and to try to perfect the cosplay. All I’m missing at this point is the time-key belt, which I fully plan to make once I get some free time and can find a place to let me make it. I found a time-key belt online, but it looks cheap and is way overpriced.

this = NOT THAT CROWDED in Shibuya on Halloween

this = NOT THAT CROWDED in Shibuya on Halloween

So we got dressed up and went to meet them at Shibuya. A lot of our friends were hemming and hawing about how Monday night wouldn’t be as good, full or crazy as the weekend had been (Halloween starts a few days before here in Tokyo), and while I figured there wouldn’t be as many people on a Monday night, I also knew there would still be people.

And Shibuya did NOT disappoint. Sure, it wasn’t packed to the gills like it was in 2015, but it was actually bearable by comparison. There was plenty of space to walk, or just stand, although it was still super crowded. A few of our coworkers who’d never been there before were complaining that it was too crowded. I wish they’d have seen Halloween on a weekend last year. It was wall-to-wall. This Monday night version was far more tame.

we made the news!

we made the news!

This was all fine for the girls, and a lot of people wanted to take their photos. We even made the news the next day! So they were pleased to be out and having their photos taken, and to see all of the interesting ones.

We saw the usual: Ghibli characters (the Mononokes were my favorite, personally), Disney characters, and Where’s Waldo? groups. It was actually pretty perfect.

We met up with a few friends and once Rika and the girls went home, we just walked around for a bit more, and eventually had drinks in a pub overlooking the street. I actually dropped the time key and broke it, but it’s already fixed and ready to go again, should I get another chance to be Pluto.

A month later, I hung the wig up and combed it all out. Because that Pluto hair got stuck on everything and was a total, knotted disaster. I learned my lesson with that one and made sure to comb out the black Marceline wig and tie it up before I put it in the bag, so that won’t happen again. Now both are ready for next time 😉


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