I am basically being lazy AF.

Posted on 11.12.2016


I always get this way as the weather starts to get colder and I can’t remember how to dress myself, but now I have the added advantage of not knowing how to dress myself for teaching at the University. Awesome.


From October 2012: not much has changed.


same sweater, same look 4 years later











So the past few weeks, I’ve been NOT thinking that much about what the hell I’m putting on my body before I walk out of the house. It’s not because I don’t care, per se, but more because I just don’t have the time to think too much and can’t be asked to plan a day ahead.


see? easy.

I can do that kind of planning with my office outfits, since it’s basically ‘select suit’ and ‘select top’. Done.

I have like 4 favorite necklaces I’m rocking at the moment, some bracelets in case my wrist tattoo shows, and a corresponding hair slide for bronze or silver as I’m trying to grow the mistake of a fringe out.

So that is handled. But the rest of my fashion choices have basically been ‘throw something on’ and ‘leave the house’.

I kind of feel bad about it, because I have a lot of awesome clothes that I need to work out how to wear in the colder months, and also, I want to look good on my days off (or not wearing a suit: I’ve got the suit shit down).


img_5430So it’s not really my work clothes I need to be concerned about. It’s the everything else clothes.

And who am I even kidding? I have absolutely zero excuses for not having enough time. I wake up at like 8 am every day and don’t even need to leave my house until 9 or 9:30 on the early days! So I have the time to think these things through. It just appears that I can’t bring myself to do it.

I’m not sure if I’m reaching a new level of NGAF, or if I’ve just been too overwhelmed with other stuff lately to be able to handle that kind of forward thinking. I’m starting to think it’s the latter, though, as the shit just hit the fan yesterday and I had a bit of a breakdown. There is just too much going on at the moment. Maybe once I pull myself out of this I’ll be able to actually coordinate my clothes to put something that might be called ‘an outfit’ together.


not even trying.

For now it’s just black leggings, t-shirt, sweater. Done. Observe: the photo to the left.

I think I need more time NOT before I get ready for work, but on my off days, to think about what I’m wearing to do things. It’s ridiculous to write this now, as I’m about to be on break from the University for a month for the winter holiday. So it’s not even really going to be an issue, come December 17.

But still, I should be trying a bit harder with my clothes on my off days when I go out. I have such excellent clothes, I should really be celebrating them. Right?

I know that ‘lazy’ is technically a ‘style’, but I don’t think it’s mine.

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