Book 12: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, October 23

Posted on 23.11.2016


sadako_and_the_thousand_paper_cranes_0012. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, Eleanor Coerr, October 23
This came as a gift from one of my sister’s friend in a recent package. I’d never actually read the story in book form, although I’d heard it from people many times.

So it was nice to read a written version of it (not summarized on Wikipedia). It’s not very long, and is written in pretty large type. Perfect for younger readers who are just starting out.

The (fictional) story is about a little girl born just before the bombing of Hiroshima, who ends up in the hospital with Leukemia. There is no happy ending, but she learns to make cranes and sets the goal to make 1,000, so that she might get better (as the legend suggests). Sadly, she doesn’t make it to the end, and her classmates take on the task of finishing the cranes for her.

There is a statue dedicated to her in Hiroshima as well, called the Children’s Peace Monument. Check it out, and the story, if you want to know why I folded 1,000 cranes a few years ago.

As luck might have it, I’ve been much better since I completed mine.

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