Book 11: A Room of One’s Own, October 21

Posted on 23.11.2016


51zbbuqwjl11. A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf, October 21
OMG, look at all this reading I did! Sorry for posting these out of order… I’m handling a lot of posts today.

I started reading this in September, I think, and it was hard to get into at first. I didn’t realize it was written in essay-form, and that the paragraphs would be so long. It’s silly to say that that might still be intimidating to me, but it’s scary when you look at a page and see no white space on it.

But as the US Presidential election drew nearer, the book became so much more relevant, especially after I got past the initial navel-gazing in the first part.

Now I understand why it’s a necessary read for anyone thinking anything along the lines of feminism. It’s so important to read this and to see how far we (women) have already come in just 100 years. It felt almost necessary to read this as the reports on Trump’s assaults on women (and yes, they were assaults) came out, and we saw the downfall of a perfectly qualified woman unfolding in the media. Because of the media.

Virginia spends a good part of the book wondering where all of the women were at the beginning of literature: what were they doing, what were they ALLOWED to do? Moving forward in time, she discusses the progress they’ve made, even if they are (were at the time) still considered unequal to men in terms of literature and publishing.

We still have a long way to go. This book is a great reminder of that, as well. Just 100 years. Just 100 more years?

I’ll definitely go back and read it again. With a highlighter. She should still be quoted on the daily.

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