Book 10: The View From the Cheap Seats, October 14

Posted on 23.11.2016


15294910. The View From the Cheap Seats, Neil Gaiman, October 14
Yeah, it took me THAT LONG to get through another book. AND THIS LONG TO WRITE ABOUT IT! In my own defense, this is a LONG book, and also, I did a lot of things between this and the last book. Like go to the UK, again. Twice in one year! We’ve been busy.

So I listened to Neil at first to sing me to sleep, when I was having anxious nights (see the post about anxiety). But then I was really interested in what he was saying, and didn’t like falling asleep and missing things. So I stopped listening at night and started listening while I was awake.

The reason it took me so long to finish this (even though it is actually quite a long book, full of interesting and amusing thoughts, talks and memories) is because it was so GD inspiring, I had to stop constantly to write down new ideas. To add to this, a lot of these talks are introductions to books he’s enjoyed, or that influenced him. So I had to go put all of those on my Amazon wish list or read about them. Or, in some cases, buy them. What can I say, Neil is a great inspiration to me.

I’d heard this talk a while back, but you can imagine what this did to me, since I haven’t been able to actually MAKE much art as of late:
Neil’s Make Good Art commencement speech from 2012:

So yeah, it took me a while to get through this. And then because that wasn’t enough, when the book FINALLY made it into the stores here in Tokyo, I totally bought it. Even though I’d already read it. Partially to give more support to one of my favorite living artists, and also so I could go back and read it again, and highlight stuff to reference back to later.

If you’re a fan of Neil and his amazing work, this book of non-fiction and anecdotes about his life is not to be missed.

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