Mark says really nice things sometimes and they come out of nowhere

Posted on 01.10.2016



what I looked like when this conversation happened

I went back to the Toshima-ku ward office to get some more paperwork done. He met me there on his way back from work.

We were in the elevator and were talking about nothing in particular, and then the subject of people trying too hard to impress others came up.

As you may well know, lately I’ve been anti-makeup, anti-bras, anti-giving a shit in general. This is partially to do with work and the bullshit societal expectations that are placed on women in Japan, and partially to do with the fact that the dust in my office forces me to touch my face and rub my eyes all day, so wearing anything is an exercise in futility.

Also, I’ll wear make-up when I damn well please. I’m not here to impress anyone.

I said ‘no makeup, no bra, didn’t do shit with my hair, whatever’.
Mark said ‘why would you ever have to worry about wearing makeup?’
I said ‘do you think I’m pretty?’
Mark said ‘no, I don’t think you’re pretty. You’re beautiful’.

I actually like that he doesn’t say stuff like that all the time, because if he did it might not carry so much meaning. He’s not exactly the romantic type, or one to show all of his emotions.

So it was really nice to hear it, especially on a day when I had literally rolled out of bed and put clothes on, brushed my teeth, and went out.

I love him.