I get a blood test every 3 months, at the behest of my Neurologist

Posted on 23.09.2016


I actually haven’t seen a GP doctor in years. I see my Neuro and my Gyno 4 times a year, though.

I just saw my Neuro (and my Gyno as well, but we’re not talking about him today) again last week. He’s a nice man, and is apparently THE top doctor in Tokyo for MS. So I am very lucky to have just randomly stumbled into his office with my friend, hoping to get a referral to anywhere else.

He refused to give me a referral and decided to keep me. I guess maybe my version of MS is different here in Japan.

So now I see him every 3 months to get a new prescription, and Gilenya/Imusera is working out GRRRREAT! for me. And I think he likes speaking English sometimes to me:)

img_9179And every 3 months, he requires a blood test. So I get a blood test, and then when I walk into his office an hour later, he explains the results to me. How my white blood cell count is doing, how are the lymphocytes, etc. Every time. He’s looking at my blood to make sure I don’t end up with any of the possible side effects of my medicine. At one point, this also required an eye test every 3 months. Thank goodness that is done, because those tests are the WORST.

Last week he said to me, ‘Summer in Tokyo is good for you’.

In my head, I was thinking ‘what in the actual fuck are you talking about?!’. But out loud, I said ‘but the heat makes me so tired…’

He pointed to my blood test and said ‘Your results are always stronger in summer’ (this is his 3rd summer seeing me, and he has a very accurate record of my blood levels over the past 2.6 years).


So maybe the heat is good for me, even though I don’t like it and it makes me tired and sluggish? Even though I basically do NO working out aside from Yoga because it’s too hot, even in my house? Really?

While it might convince me to stay in Japan just a little bit longer, I don’t think I’ll change my mind on  moving somewhere cooler, wherever that is (not near fault lines, or coast lines, most definitely) next.

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