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Posted on 18.09.2016


c164558546. DJ Shadow, the Mountain Will Fall (2016)
Hey. You wanna hear a good joke? Nobody speak, nobody get choked.

So seriously, this album is effing excellent, straight through. I know I’ve been lax on the music posts lately, but clearly there’s been a lot of not-musical stuff going on while so many great albums have been released.

From start to finish, it just flows. The definite high point is OF COURSE Nobody Speak, with some kick-ass, in your face lyrics and imagery. I love the dig at Trump, and I don’t work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away. It’s just perfect. I want Run the Jewels in the House and Senate after the November elections, please.

Although this is one of the few tracks on the album with full lyrics, the instrumental tracks don’t disappoint. Three Ralphs, Bergschrund and Ashes to Oceans are great, as well, and made a lovely soundtrack for my commute to the office. And Pitter Patter following behind is exceptional.

I haven’t really kept up with DJ Shadow over the years, although I still listen to Endtroducing all the time. It is still one of my favorite albums.

Thank goodness DJ Shadow put something new out. This is pure excellence.

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