Adventures in At-Home hair dyeing: is it grey, or is it green?

Posted on 16.09.2016


we may never know. It’s all about the lighting, apparently…

Back when I realized that the grey dye in my hair wasn’t going to last very long, I got a bit angry about it and went apeshit on Etsy, buying a bunch of grey hair dye things.

I bought hair chalk and tried that first. While it did in fact look awesome, and the color I wanted, it was a disgusting disaster to apply and also to brush and eventually wash out. It was really not worth the effort, or the mess I made and later had to clean up. Nope.

I also bought some grey shampoo, which proceeded to turn my hair green-ish.

I also tried something called Devil’s Trick, which was a cheaper, easy to find black dye that barely worked and barely lasted. I think I could have left it in for much longer, actually.

I bought 2 more dyes from Etsy: one that (I think) is temporary, and one that is supposed to be permanent.

I tried the maybe-temporary one this past weekend, as it required less work: just put it on, let it sit for 35 minutes, wash out with water (no shampoo).

I went pretty hard with it and bought tin foil to wrap it, and a little brush to apply it. I even bought a plastic shower cap, since I had to do things while waiting in that 35 minutes, like take a bath and wash dishes.

So I applied it after I got out of the shower and towel-dried it, and then waited.


in natural light, day 1


in warmer light, day 1 

And this one actually worked, KIND OF. I mean, it worked. My hair is grey in a certain light. I didn’t do an expert job of applying the dye, so some parts seem lighter, or yellower than others. And there are other parts that look a little green-ish.

But the green-ish is only in a certain light. And only in SOME places. So I’m not sure what to think.

I haven’t done a wash yet, so I have no idea if it will hold, or if I should re-apply some more dye after my next shower. I have some more of the stuff left, so I could do it. They grey is a little too dark at the moment, and almost unnoticeable in parts. So I guess we’ll see.

imageThis is what it looks like at the moment, at work under fluorescent lights. I don’t even know what the hell is going on at this point, but I won’t have time to wash it until tomorrow, and since I just washed it on Tuesday, I might wait until Sunday to wash it again.  At the moment it’s kind of ‘there, but not there’.  But it’s definitely NOT blonde.

I have a week and change before I take more wedding photos in England, so I have some time to decide. I might do another dye before we go, or I might leave it as is. I’m not sure yet.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what happens with the wash, and also to trying the ‘permanent’ dye next. But I might see if I can buy a purple toner first, since I’ve been reading that yellowish-blonde hair maybe needs the toner to not turn green with black dye. Which is kind of what has been happening to me. I don’t know shit about dyeing hair, so this is all new to me.

I have a great photo of my mother from when she graduated high school. It looks pretty normal, but if you look closely at her hair, you can see that it’s been colored over, that it’s not quite right. According to her, she had dyed it a few days before and it was almost a rainbow back there, so the photo had to be retouched to make her look ‘normal’.

I don’t want to deal with that when we visit England, but I can now understand what she was maybe doing.

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