So apparently, my most popular post is ’32d’…

Posted on 02.09.2016


Post: 32D: the boobie equivalent of having a choad, IMO.

It’s not anything new. This post has actually been my most popular since I wrote it back in like 2011, it seems.

At first, I think it was because of the image I might have attached when I posted it. I think I used to have an image from a Victoria’s Secret catalog on it. Nothing interesting or racy, but apparently it showed up in Google image searches and brought me a lot of (possibly unwanted) traffic. I never found the VS catalog to be all that sexy, but then again I’m a woman and we received them like 3 times a week, so maybe I’ve been desensitized to the whole thing. Also, I have tits.

Along with random hits (and no comments), I also got a lot of feedback from other women who had the same issue, and learned that 32d is actually a normal size. That’s been nice, seeing that I’m not the only one who was totally confused by it when I found out! It seems that there has been a change in bra sizing over the years, or at least a change in what we consider normal. That’s great! I’m glad the post has helped so many women understand that they’re not alone.

I want to be helpful in general, and keep this blog partially so my friends can keep up with what I’m doing wherever I am, and also to help people learn from my mistakes, and to pass on what I’ve learned. I enjoy learning from the mistakes of others, so I hope I can do the same. Pay it forward, or something like that?

So I removed the image. The post has ZERO images in it now.

And somehow it’s still getting hits. I’m not sure how or why, and I can’t imagine that so many people are learning about their bra size on a daily basis. But it is funny that it’s something I see (and am notified of) on a daily basis: ‘trending: 32D‘.