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Posted on 14.08.2016


We haven’t had one of these lately, mostly because on most recent days off, I haven’t done shit and have laid around in my comfy clothes. But then Verena came to visit, so I got to have a LOT of days off and wear cute things!



It started with a post from my friend Corrie, who talked about women over 30 wearing crop tops. The top looked awesome on her, but she expressed some doubts about it. She didn’t buy it.

But then a bunch of her friends on Facebook (myself included) said she looked great in the top and shouldn’t hesitate to wear something like that. And she went back and bought it, and promptly wore the top to go to the grocery store. I’m sure she was the best-looking woman in the place.

It got me thinking that I also have crop tops, but am sometimes a bit scared to wear them. And that’s ridiculous here in Japan, in Tokyo especially, where people can basically wear whatever they want.

And I should be proud of how I look now, at this age, always. And I have a few crop tops hanging out at home, which until now have really only been for lounging around the house. So in a show of solidarity, I wore mine out to Harajuku when I went with Verena last week.

And really, what better place to wear a crop top than in Harajuku? It’s like the young-people fashion capital of Tokyo. I think it worked out well.

DSC_4504 (1)

I also ended up buying a skirt I’ve been looking for for basically EVER while out shopping with Verena one day, and decided to wear it on our trip to the Mori Art Museum to see the Ghibli exhibition (yes, I went to the 52nd floor AGAIN, and had no panic attacks). I got it from some random shop that was called ‘Titty & Co.” (I shit you not), and it was half-priced at Y2,000 (about $20).

It’s so fluffy and I love it! It actually reminds me a lot of the dress I’ll be wearing for my wedding in a few weeks, which has many, many layers of tulle in the skirt. We were going for ‘that short Vera Wang dress I loved’ mixed with Degas’ Little Dancer of 14 years. I think we nailed it. Photos of that after the date.

Since I was trying to at least cover SOME of my tattoos (of which I have 6 now, photos in another post), I wore a sheer top that would at least slightly mask the one on my back left shoulder. But overall, I think the outfit worked well. I can’t wait to wear this skirt with an actual tank or muscle top, which I kind of what I was hoping to do, a la Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits to Sex and the City.


On the last day of Verena’s trip, we went down to Yokohama with plans to go to the Yokohama Museum of Art to see the Mary Cassatt retrospective, and some dancing Pikachus which are currently invading the city.

I figured I should just continue on with my skirts streak, since that’s been working out so well for me. I paired a few old-ish favorites together, and I think it worked well. This top, although it’s a bit of a muscle tank, covered MOST of my left shoulder tattoo, so I felt ok with letting the 3 on my arms hang out. I am a foreigner, after all, and Japanese people basically expect us to have tattoos, it seems.

The tank kept me cool throughout the day, as I strolled through the museum and took multiple photos of parading Pikachus around the city.

And now I’m back to work for a few weeks, with a short  break next weekend to go to Summer Sonic. Maybe I can wear something reasonably interesting to the concert. We shall see.

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