Check out my new tattoos!

Posted on 14.08.2016


I have 6 now!


I may have posted this one, which I got on June 11 in Baltimore at Mr B’s Tattoo, earlier, but I can’t remember at the moment and am a bit too lazy to go back and check.

I got this one with my friend Bridget (I know I posted that part earlier) because the week or so before I left to live in Germany in 2009, we sat out on her porch drinking beers and saw 14 shooting stars. This happened on our 14th year of friendship, and we figured it was a sign, so decided to get matching tattoos to celebrate that.

It took me a stupidly long time to design this, and we ended up getting the tattoos on our 21st year of friendship. So maybe the number 7 is important.

I wanted to get it on my wrist, so Bridget could be across from Jackie, but the artist said that my wrist was a bit too narrow. He was definitely right. I can just imagine how badly these lines would have bled together after 10 years or so.

This one hurt a bit more than I expected it to, and the skin around it was red for like a week, maybe 2. When the swelling finally went down, I was really happy with how it turned out.

IMG_8496 (1)I got these on August 8, at Studio Muscat in Tokyo. I chose the studio because I liked the watercolor work I saw from Haruka, one of the artists there. I would highly recommend the shop to anyone visiting Tokyo, although you have to book pretty far in advance.

I wanted to get a pair of origami cranes to keep the cranes with me, always. I folded 1,000 of them to make the senbazuru, and I hope I’ll keep them for a long time.

I folded them to try to keep my hands active when I was most ill, to see if I could actually do it, and with the hope that I could make a wish for my health and eventually improve. I’ve achieved all of those things, and I want to remember that.

Mark wanted to get one that matched mine, so the pink and grey one was ‘mine’, and the blue and purple one was ‘his’. He’s planning to get a tattoo with some blues in it, and now he’ll be adding some bright pink to it so we can match. Not exactly pair tattoos, but close enough. No names, ever, right?

So I asked Haruka to design me a pair of origami cranes in different colors to go on my upper forearms, and she gave me this beautiful design. I’m really so happy with them, and thankful she was able to illustrate what I had in my head! I actually bought watercolor paints to try to make a design to show her, and failed miserably at it.


And now I have 6. I have plans for more, but am waiting for friends and family to come because they will be to share with other people.

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