We went to the USA for my sister’s wedding!

Posted on 27.07.2016


all photos in this post c/o Michael Stavrinos Photography


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So in June Mark and I went back to the US for my sister, Stephanie’s wedding. She got married on June 10, and I was lucky enough to be able to go and be a bridesmaid. I also got to walk her down the ‘aisle’ with dad, and give a speech (that I think I might have flipped out and messed up).

We were there for a week, just about, and it went by way too quickly. I’m almost glad that the wedding itself took up about 3 days with the setup and actual event, because it felt like there was more time to enjoy it and be in the moment.

I caught a lot464_MIK_0165 copy of shit from one of my jobs about leaving, but it had to be done. I knew the date before I started working, but was trying to find a way to alter my tickets to be back in time to keep working. But there was literally no way around it. And honestly, my sister is (hopefully) only going to get married once, so it was kind of a big deal.

I wore myself out a bit in the weeks before, trying to get everything in order so our trip would be as seamless as possible, and as easy to come back to and pick  up working again. I ended up MS-ing a bit when we got there and in the days before we flew, but I thankfully stayed just on the edge and managed to NOT go over it while we were there.

I’m happy tsamefaceo report that just about everything went as planned, and it was as care-free as it could have been. We basically made no other big plans (save for one party, in another post), so we could be there to help in any way that we could, and also be able to enjoy our time with my family, whom we haven’t seen in just over 3 years. I would have actually preferred to go back for longer and to do more together, but that just wasn’t in the cards, this time. I hope that the next time we visit, it can be for longer.

882_KT2_7774 copyIt was a beautiful ceremony, and a great location, and everything went pretty smoothly, all things considered. I think we’ve photographed enough weddings to agree that this was a good one, and pretty easy. But OMG there was so much family there to photograph!

Our mother’s family from NY came down and it was great to see them, and to finally have them in a room with our Stepmother, Sandy (and our extended family on her side). This was their official first time to meet, and it was truly great to have everyone there, getting along, and celebrating together. We don’t have that enough, sadly. I got a few nice photos of all of them (most of them) dancing together on the dance floor. And I got enough time to talk to just about everyone, which was nice, compared to Facebook messages and emails:)

884_KT1_0679 copyIt was definitely hard to not have mom there, but it was so special to be able to have everyone else around Steph and Kyle to celebrate with them. Everyone had a nice time, the weather was perfect, and all of it worked out exactly as it should have.

Sure, there were a few photos that weren’t taken, and a few songs we didn’t dance to (in my case, all of them), but you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. That’s supposed to be a good sign for a marriage, right?

Steph and Kyle did a wonderful job planning the day and decorating, and it was nice to be able to (try to) help in the days before with the set-up and bringing things back and forth. I wish I could have done more, but the MS had other plans.

520_KT1_0316 copy

I’m really happy and thankful we were able to be a part of it, for the help we had in getting there and getting things organized, and for the excellent photographers (her friends and coworkers) that captured all of it for them.

I don’t think Steph had to worry about much that day, and I think that’s a sign of a successful wedding:)

I’m actually, finally, a little bit sad that I won’t be doing something similar for my own ceremony. But it’s not in the cards for us, and we’ll be sure to celebrate with everyone in due time.

Congratulations to the new, happy couple! Finally!


this photo taken by Mark:)