I get irrationally angry about this

Posted on 04.07.2016



I’m the last person to be concerned about following rules, most of the time. I cross when the little man is red, I walk the wrong way down streets, and I eat in my booth at work. Whatever, I (usually) do what I want!

But one thing that really, really gets me irrationally angry is when people walk up or down on the wrong side of the stairs.


It is 100%, crystal – fucking – clear.

Why does it make me angry? Because unlike eating at my desk or walking down empty streets, this rule-breaking has an effect on people. People need those railings. I NEED those railings to walk and not fall down the stairs. So when a line of people is walking UP the side of the DOWN side, thinking they are being polite because even though they are on the wrong fucking side they are off to the side, they are blocking the railing. What am I supposed to do, go around them?

So it comes to a stupid, silent game of chicken with them expecting me to go around them, just like everyone else.

But I’m not letting go of the railing. Not unless it’s cool to fall on you. Which I don’t want to do.

And holy shit, these stairs are wide. They are equal opportunity. One side isn’t bigger than the other. So a person’s choice to go up the wrong side while there is a barrage of people coming down (or vice versa) is either sheer laziness, or looking for confrontation.

GFY. Walk around me, asshole. You’re the one going the wrong way.

Please, don’t ever be that asshole.

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