So, this actually exists.

Posted on 02.07.2016


A student mentioned this to me in a lesson recently, and I actually thought he was making a joke. We’d got on the subject of traveling around Asia and Southeast Asia for vacations, since it’s SO MUCH CLOSER when you live in Tokyo, and I mentioned I wanted to go to Taiwan.

It was pretty random1424705736804. I was just yammering off a list of places I would like to visit before we leave this place to move somewhere closer to our families (i.e., back west), and when I ended my list, he told me about EVA airlines.

I’m not exactly sure WHY he mentioned it.

article-0-12D6FE4F000005DC-307_638x403Maybe I’m female and he thought I might like Hello Kitty. Maybe it’s just something odd that he felt the need to share. But either way, he told me about it, and I thought he was joking.

A Google image search proved that this is absolutely, 100% NOT A JOKE.

EVA Airlines opDSC_7093erates a flight between Tokyo and Taiwan that is literally a Hello Kitty flight.

I don’t know much about the carrier, but apparently they are one of the many discount airlines that services Haneda Airport.

Apparently this trip/flight/airline/service is marketed heavily towards women and children. Shocking? Not really. But awesome, nonetheless.EVA_Air_Hello_Kitty3

A quick look at their website shows that they are a Taiwanese airline based out of Taipei, flying to limited destinations around the world: you can fly to Houston, Paris, Bali, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka (3 in one country!), Singaporehello-kitty-jet, Seoul, Guam and Shanghai. But that’s it. Should I be surprised that there are 3 destinations in Japan, the land of Hello Kitty?

Oh, and the website also has a shop, full of limited edition Hello Kitty merch for the discerning collector (I’m looking at you, Kamay;)

And it’s not just the flight that’s branded. It’s the tickets, the bento lunches, bhk14asically everything you’d get on the flight is HK specific.

The ticket is printed on an HK image. The seats have HK headrest covers and pillows. The bento boxes are themed!

I wonder what the toilets look like. Are the walls pink? Is there an imprint on the toilet cover? These are important questions.

If I am ever able to make it toTaipei, I am absolutely 100% going to book the flight with EVA airlines. I don’t even care about my award miles with OneWorld alliance. I have to see this, witness it, sit in their themed seats and take a million pictures.

This is normally the part of my story where I would say ‘Oh, Japan‘. But today I have to say ‘Oh, Taiwan’. And rightly so!