I finally went to: Kiddy Land!

Posted on 27.05.2016


It was purely a coinciden20150903175142_55e8dd0eeacb7ce that I was hanging out with my girlfriends one day, indulging in all kinds of beautiful, wildly unhealthy snacks (for breakfast, no less). I would definitely call them enablers, and that’s not a bad thing. I only see them like once every few months anyway, so eating cupcakes for breakfast wasn’t all that bad (even though it made me sick later).

So while I was out doing things with my girlfriends in awesome Harajuku, we walked past Kiddy Land. I  know about Kiddy Land from my American friends who love Japan: whenever someone comes, they want to go there. It usually ends up being on the day I leave them to their own devices and go to work.

Kiddy Land is basically a big store full of what is often referred to as ‘character goods’: if it has a TV show or an anime (cartoon) and is popular, you’ll be able to buy the merch here. They also sell other stuff like fun little souvenirs to bring back home, interesting gifts, etc. All of it is ‘aimed at kids’, but you and I both know better.

totoro_hugeTake, for instance, this $900+ Totoro doll. What child would be able to buy that? Yes, you say, but someone’s parents could buy it for them. While that’s true, I won’t lie that I have like 8 stuffed animals at my house, and  of them are characters from one program or another.

The shop in Harajuku has multiple floors, one of which is ENTIRELY devoted to Snoopy and Peanuts character merch. The place doesn’t fuck around.

I was super excited to find a bunch of Adventure Time stuff in one corner of the shop. And seriously, what parent allows their child to watch Adventure Time? That excellent cartoon might be downright damaging for kids.

I’ve been doing my best to save money (and mostly failing), so I didn’t buy much. Just a Beemo key cover for Mark, and a Marceline cover for myself. Oh, and some gifts for a few boys who live in Illinois:)

7289129_origIf you happen to be in Tokyo and want to go somewhere you can buy ALL TEH COOL STUFF, then seek one of these out. They are in most major shopping areas, and some of the local department stores have smaller outlets, as well.

I’m glad I finally got to go to one of these, and glad to say I finally know where one of them is located. Now I can take all of my friends who visit there! …and buy all of the Adventure Time stuff, after I’ve stopped trying to save money.