but seriously, FUCK wearing makeup.

Posted on 07.05.2016



(above photos include zero makeup)

I did a little experiment 2 or 3 weeks ago and went for 10 days without makeup. I went to work, went out to meet people after, saw a friend or two on my days off. No one made any mention of it, and I have a feeling that not many people even noticed.

One student commented during the experiment that I was ‘beautiful always’ and a coworker said (after I mentioned it) that he had noticed, but didn’t think it was a big deal, and that I didn’t need it anyway. How nice.

I’ve grown up wearing makeup, and am part of a generation that basically believes that to NOT wear makeup is lazy. EVERYONE wears makeup. We were raised to wear it. It’s like a part of our jobs. It’s a part of life. And I’ll admit, wearing it can be fun, sometimes, if I WANT to wear it.

Mark is always telling me to wear less makeup, and to be honest, I don’t actually enjoy applying it every morning before I leave the house. To add to this, the air quality in my office isn’t great. So I was running into an issue a while ago where things were literally falling out of the air vent and landing on me or around my desk (I sit directly under the AC vent in my office), and I was rubbing my eyes a lot. This of course smeared my mascara into the already dark spaces under my eyes, and also messed up any eye makeup I happened to be wearing. And it was really annoying.

So for 10 days, I only wore my moisturizer and some tinted BB cream. That was it. I only went to work with, like, lotion on my face. And not a word was spoken about it. And when I rubbed my eyes, it didn’t hurt more and nothing extra got in them.

At my job, I kind of get the feeling that I ‘have to be pretty’. It’s another topic for another day, but my clients are mainly businessmen, and there aren’t a lot of women working in my office. And we’re all married (or about to be)! It’s a terrible place to pick up chicks, but that doesn’t seem to stop some of the clients. Sometimes, we have to be a hostess, rather than actually doing our job and teaching English. It’s annoying.

So I felt pressure to put on makeup and dress up a little bit for work. But now, that’s in the past. I have regular clients who know I’m there to work, and teach, and not to fuck around. So now I can be strict, direct, and actually teach. Novel, right?

I always say to my friends and my students, too: I’m not here to impress anyone. And I don’t really care about what anyone else thinks of me. And now, not wearing makeup to work, I feel kind of liberated. Now I can be 100% about not giving a single fuck, rather than saying all of that while applying eyeliner.

I’m not suggesting that everyone should stop wearing makeup, and I’m not saying I’ll never wear it again. I’ll probably wear some minimal makeup on my wedding day(s), and when I go out on the weekends. But not wearing it to work is great! AND, it’s shaved like 30 minutes off of my morning routine. And now I’m THAT girl: the basic one who just doesn’t give a shit. And it’s great.

Fuck off world, I’m in my 30’s and don’t have to impress a single GD person.