I promise I’m doing more than laying around, blogging about music.

Posted on 04.05.2016


Today is my 11th day of work in a row. Then I have 3 days off, and then I’ll do it all again. So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’m not tying to kill myself, I’m just trying to:
a – make up for all of the money I will lose when I travel in the future
b – take on as many freelance jobs as I can, to keep communication with those companies.

I know that all of this  is the exact opposite of my goal to ‘less work, more money’. But it WILL equal out to that in a month or so.

So I really haven’t done that much in the past few weeks, and that’s ok. Sometimes, we have to just put on the big-girl panties and get shit done. And to be fair, I am getting paid very well to get shit done. So it’s fine.

000011sAlso, I’ve probably got too many side projects on my plate. I’ve been trying to edit film from recent trips (that’s been finished), add it to my Etsy page (not finished), organize and back up my external hard drive (halfway finished), submit photos to Getty for purchase (definitely nowhere near finished), and design a tattoo.

Add to this the things that I have done: translate a bunch of documents from German to English (got PAID so well for that), edited a bunch of documents in English (also paid well), scheduled and kind-of designed my tattoos in August when Verena comes to visit, and scheduled my coming month properly (for which I will be paid quite well), and it’s a lot. Almost all of my free time has been spent on a computer, digging away at the contents. I’m hoping to be able to take the coming 3 days to get the rest of it all done, to get my list back down to zero.

I’m feeling a bit anxious about how my first weeks at my new job will go, as the timing will be different and I’ve gotten entirely too used to my old schedule. It’s just a change, that’s all, and I’m sure it’ll all be fine. It’s like everything else is going well, so I have to be concerned about something. I guess that’s natural

There are times in life when we’re planning, and times when we have to carry out the plans. I think I’m moving into ‘carry out’ mode for a while, and that’s ok. The reason I’ve got so many blogs about music and books rolling out is that if/when I happen to have free time at work, I can knock down the list of drafted posts that are half-way done as I wait for students or just enjoy NOT working for a session or two. So I’m trying to use the time wisely, since I can’t put on headphones and practice Japanese.

And there are definitely more blog posts coming in the next few days, but I’m saving writing them until I have down time at work. So expect to see more photos and hear about more things that have been happening soon!

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