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Posted on 29.04.2016


azealia-banks-broke-with-expensive-taste-thatgrapejuice-600x60042. Azealia Banks, Broke With Expensive Taste (2014)
Regardless of who she might be starting shit with this week, I have to talk about her because this album is great. Does it slow down at all? Even when you get to Wallace, it’s not too slow.

I was a little annoyed on the first listen when I got to the third track (Desperado) to hear almost a full track from MJ Cole, because to me it seemed like she just yanked the track and rapped over it. Which is what a lot of artists will do, but the rest of the album feels a lot more original than this one song. Whatever. I guess we’re not supposed to love every song on an album, as iTunes purchasing options have shown.

I especially love 212, JFK, BBD, Miss Amor and Ice Princess. I think half of the things she says in 212 have gone through my mind on any given day. The collection on this release is a versatile set of songs that show she’s capable of more than just one style of rapping. And I like what she’s saying. And I like her voice. And I think I like her in general.

I can’t decide if the shit she says on social media is her actual opinion, or if she’s trying to be a firestarter. Either way, she’s interesting and is ok with getting in trouble. Such a nice change, right?

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