Added to the music page: Sleigh Bells, Bitter Rivals

Posted on 28.04.2016


40. Sleigh Bells, Bitter Rivals (2013)
Just keep going, Sleigh Bells. The sophomore release was amazing, and I actually have been listening to it nonstop. My proof and example is this: I basically keep NO music on my phone, in order to save space. I stream just about everything on Spotify these days, and if it’s really good, I buy it. And it lives on my computer iTunes playlist.

But there are a few albums I keep on the phone, in case Mark is using Spotify (he shares my account now, and if we BOTH want to listen to music, we have to choose who it will be, since it won’t stream on more than one device at a time). For this exact situation, I keep a few of my favorites on the phone, ready to go. And this album is on there, and has been since its release in 2013.

You just can’t beat Sleigh Bells. Right from the beginning with the title track, it’s on. And it really doesn’t stop, even if it slows down slightly, for the next 9 tracks. It’s insane. I love their energy so much. The first release was amazing and I wasn’t really expecting them to be able to mimic it for a follow-up, but they definitely succeeded. You Don’t Get me Twice, Sugarcane, Sing Like a Wire, basically every track on this album is hard-hitting and full of energy. I just can’t turn it off.

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