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Posted on 22.04.2016


39. Creep, Echoes (2013)
I definitely heard about this one from Lou Rhodes. Because she worked with Creep to make Vertigo (on this album), she sent out an email about it to her mailing list, and posted about it on Facebook.

I’ve heard a few tracks from them before, and like their way of working with other artists, like Tricky does, for vocals. It’s very similar to Tricky, which is great since he also appears on this album with his song Call Her.

I think the fact that they’ve used different vocalists makes it an interesting album to listen to, since although the songs may sound similar as you go through it, the changing vocals definitely make you pay attention. I really love the track Days, and Jessica King from Dark Sister is effing creepy, or maybe just sad when you listen to the lyrics.

Listen to it, you’ll like it.

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