Book 5: THEM: Adventures with Extremists (March 14)

Posted on 25.03.2016


51JksGqz58L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_5. THEM: Adventures With Extremists, Jon Ronson, March 14
I chose to listen to this story next because I was tired, but couldn’t fall asleep, and I like the sound of Jon’s voice. I’m so glad he reads his own books on Audible. Mark definitely told me about this book a while back, and then when I mentioned it again, he had totally forgotten about it. So I got it anyway, since I think ONE DAY he might remember that he wanted to read it.

And I’m good with reading (listening to) more Jon Ronson books. He’s got a good style and interesting topics.

So this came out in 2001, which was pretty perfect timing. It starts out with some extreme Muslims, which I guess is a kind of ‘expected’ place to begin when you’re in the west, but then he quickly moved on to other topics like the white supremacists living in the woods, the KKK and the idea that the entire world is run by a small group of Jews.

I can’t imagine how brave he must have had to be to walk willingly into group meetings where most of the people there were against or hated Jews, as he happens to be Jewish. I’m not sure I could do it. But the stories he told, and how he linked them all together, was definitely worth reading about. And all of this in a mostly-pre-911 world.

Definitely worth a read, and still poignant now.

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