My trip to England and Germany was a great reminder that I’m gluten- and lactose- intolerant

Posted on 26.02.2016


Seriously. I know I have to write about our trip and add photos, and I’ll get to that.

When we got to England on our first evening, after almost 24 hours of traveling, the first thing I did was eat a plate of cheese. A plate. Of different, beautiful, English cheeses. I did it even though I can get plenty of lactose-free cheese in England. I did it because I’ve been DYING for cheese that is not on a pizza, or sold in individual slices. I totally needed to eat all of that cheese.

IMG_6455I kind of knew what was coming, but I think I forgot my absolute level of allergic-ness, since I’ve been in Japan, eating minimal amounts of cheese for 2 years.

The same goes for breads. I ate a BUNCH of sandwiches that were given to me or being sold in shops while I was there. In Germany, I ate more than one Brezel and had a few different types of bread for breakfast, even though our hosts had some non-gluten bread things in their house.

I went totally overboard, and I noticed with the cheese first. And it was really embarrassing, when I finally noticed it. It was a VERY awkward situation, truth be told.

But the bread. That came much later. As it always does. And it was painful. And now I remember.

I won’t go into what happens when I eat too much bread. Let’s just say there was blood, and it was really painful. And I’d mostly forgotten that, being over here and having minimal access to gluten and dairy products. But now I remember, and will be working very hard to not make the same mistake when we go back to England again in October. Lactose-free for me!

Most of the time, at least.

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