I forgot to write about Ewok-gate. I think.

Posted on 30.01.2016


So I’m writing about it now. I think I discussed it with some friends on Facebook, but it deserves a post.

I just wrote in a more recent post about a vintage leather jacket that when you see something in Tokyo that you think you want, you MUST buy it immediately, because if you don’t, it WILL be gone the next time you think to go and buy it.

I’m not talking about film at the camera store or that new Nikon 1J5, because they keep those things in stock. I’m talking about perishable items, like things in vintage shops and brussels sprouts. Don’t get me started on how hard it is to find brussels sprouts here, or how expensive they can get. But it’s pretty bad.

my original Wicket doll was one of these, the smaller ones!

my original Wicket doll was one of these, the smaller ones!

So the reason I learned this lesson was because of a vintage Wicket doll, circa 1984. Anyone who knows me personally and knew my mother will know where my last Wicket doll ended up. And I was totally ok with that decision.

But as an adult who is very, very over her mother’s death, I decided it was time to replace him. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, since they have been discontinued for over 20 years and are clearly hard to find. But I live in Tokyo and know exactly where to go to find such things.

So a few months ago I went to Nakano Broadway with some friends (yes, I love it there, and it definitely says something about the type of person I am), and found an exact match to the one I used to have. I was super excited until I saw the price: it was around $35. I was kind of himming and hawing about it, and Mark and Andre both said I should think about it, and then go back if I decided I wanted it.

I DID want it, but thought the price was a bit high. So I went home and looked around online, and decided that I would go back to get it.

Of course, when we went back, it was gone. All gone. Someone came in and bought THAT ONE, even though there were about 10 different ewok dolls in that one shop. They bought THAT ONE.

I was so angry. Livid! And I was with Mark and Andre again, and it was hard to keep the wrath in. So, SO angry. And hence, Ewok-gate was in full swing.

IMG_5470I went home immediately and searched for the closest one I could find to my original. I ended up doing a bit of an upgrade and going for a larger one.

It worked out that the seller would only ship to the USA, so I had them shipped to my friend Ivanny, who in turn gave them to a friend who was coming over to Tokyo for the opening of the Murakami show at the Mori.

We met up and he gave them to me, and then we all went out for drinks.

I got my Ewoks, eventually, but the lesson I learned: buy it AS SOON AS you see it, if you want it. If you don’t, it will absolutely be gone by the time you go back for it. At least, it will be if you live in Tokyo.