Added to the music page: Amok, Atoms for Peace

Posted on 30.01.2016


Atomsforamok38. Atoms for Peace, Amok2013
I thought I’d heard this one before, but it turns out that I hadn’t. I really would like to know what it was that I listened to all those years ago, that sounded or looked like this. Maybe Thom Yorke’s the Eraser? They both had black and white covers, and were performed by AfP. Right?

Regardless of when I heard it first, I love it. I think I loved it as soon as I heard it back in 2013, but it MIGHT have taken time for the entire album to grow on me. I will say that without a doubt, Default definitely stuck with me in my mind for a long time, immediately. It’s actually the song that is most often stuck in my head.

We got to see Thom play last year at Midnight Sonic 2015, and he’ll be back this year with Radiohead to play during the daylight hours of Summer Sonic 2016. I imagine we won’t be getting any songs off Amok at that show, but whatever. When he played last year, we got a few of them, including Default, and that was enough.

As a side note, when I was purchasing a new pair of (excellent) headphones, the song I used as the sampler was Default. Clearly, I like it. A lot. I also love Ingenue, and the video that goes along with it.

Awesome. Can this be the song we dance to at our wedding?

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