my new f*cking hair cut (many selfies ahead)

Posted on 22.01.2016


This was supposed to be a post about the awesome thing I did to my hair, and now it’s going to be about what I need to do to it, if anything.

I decided I wanted to get a brighter, more noticeable ombre dye done on my hair. I’d had one done back in 2015, and it was barely there. I asked the stylist for ‘natural’, and it turned out so natural that you couldn’t really even tell I’d spent a load of cash to do something to it. I guess them’s the breaks sometimes.

So this time, I was set to go back to the same stylist, and I had photos ready. I wanted to go grey at the bottom. And it turned out that my stylist was out sick, so I ended up with someone different. She did an excellent job and I was actually really happy with her! I might request to go back to her next time!

imageimageSo here it was, I got some grey tips and it looked really, really cool. I thought initially I had wanted a darker grey, but I was happy with how it turned out. I took a few quick photos of it to share with my friends and Mark, and didn’t really think much about it.

The stylist said that this color was just a tint, and not a full dye. She told me it would wash out eventually, and maybe fade down to a more icy, cool grey. I was fine with that. I was under the impression that it would last for a month or so before it started to turn.

Whatever happens, she said, it won’t fade down to ‘bleached yellow’, which is what’s underneath it now.


Here’s a photo I took after my first wash: the grey faded a little, but there were still some strands of it in there, and I liked the contrast of the ashy grey color against a kind of dirty blonde. I was ok with it.

I took this photo to send to a different friend, and we both agreed that it was fun and different.

I still really love it, at this point.

I said to Mark then, ‘does it look like the grey has faded at all to you? Or is it just the light in here?’ (we were at home at the time, and the light in our room is pretty dim). ‘It’s just the light’, he said.

So I said ok and we didn’t really think about it again.


haha it’s a modern Magritte painting!


but that’s definitely blonde, right?

So now here I am today, after a second wash. I was thinking I’d take a good photo of the back of my head to share on the blog, since I was so into this new color I’d done.

But as you can see, when Mark took the photo, it looked blonde.

‘Maybe it’s just the light’.

Except I’m sitting here now in my office, in very even, overhead flourescent lighting, and it looks like the grey is just about done. It looks like a greyish blonde, maybe, or an ashy blonde, but it doesn’t exactly look grey to me.

at my office, under even lighting.

at my office, under even lighting.

And now I’m a bit confused. I knew it was going to fade, but I guess I expected it to fade differently. Blonde was my second choice for the ombre dye and what I had done the first two times, but I wanted something different.

I don’t know if I should call the salon and complain that the color is already mostly out. I don’t necessarily want to go back in to sit for another 2 hours (and I don’t exactly have time for that), or pay to have it done again. They charged me for 2 different dyes when they did it, and it wasn’t a cheap appointment. The money isn’t that important to me in the grand scheme of things, but I’m not going to pay for it twice. Fool me once, and all that.

I don’t know if I should leave it and continue to document the color as it fades.

I kind of feel like I should buy some at-home dye and talk to someone I know who dyes their hair a lot, to see if maybe I can bring it back to grey on my own. I already know that adding dye to my normal colored hair won’t affect it the way it will affect the hair that’s been bleached, but I’m very afraid of making a mistake and fucking it up, of course.

I’m ok with the color now. But I wanted grey. And I don’t really know what to do. So I guess I’m going to think on it some more (and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to tell me).

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