I tried: some products not tested on animals, and not sold in China!

Posted on 09.01.2016


I’ve been meaning to write about these for a while, but have been relatively busy posting OTHER things and running around, preparing for a trip at the end of the month. I think I might travel too much.

LUSH: Santa’s 03905Lip Scrub
This stuff is just GD amazing.

I got it in a gift basket from my future sister-in-law for Christmas last year, and am totally in love with it. I am so in love with it, in fact, that as soon as it got released again for Christmas THIS year, I bought another container of it.

This is limited to Christmas season only, and I think it might already be out of the shops again. Sorry about that! At the moment, they are offering a ‘Popcorn’ flavor that also smells amazing.

The Santa’s flavor is cherry cola. It’s wonderful. And after using it once a week or so, the container actually lasted me the entire year. So I’m not even totally finished the first one I got last year, and I’ve bought another one, just to make sure I have enough to get me through to next year.

It’s a lip scrub, it smells and tastes like cherry coke, and I actually look forward to using it.

I sent my sister their ‘mint julip’ flavor for Christmas this year, and she said that one was so good, she had to try very hard to not just eat it.

I think all of them might be that great.


Next up: Bare Minerals Pris1576859-main-hero-300me Time BB Primer-Cream
This stuff: I really like the BB from Tarte, but I can’t ever buy it again now that they’ve been bought out. So I’m on the hunt for another BB cream I can use.

Bare Minerals is also sold in Japan, so if I decide to keep this one I can just go to their shop near my home. I’ve never been a huge fan of the idea of Bare Minerals in general, but I was happy to try this out.

I might have mentioned this before, but I live in a traditional Japanese house. With this comes a few problems I wasn’t really expecting. One of them is that my house is cold in winter, and really hot in the summer. What’s the temperature in the house? Same as outside.

This leads to some interesting issues with cosmetics: in the case of the Prime Time BB cream, it separates and gets liquid-y, so I have to shake it up and sit it in front of the tiny space heater in my bathroom for it to warm up.

Once I’ve got it back to its normal form, it’s fine. It spreads well, has a nice colour that is a very close match to my skin tone, and feels really nice. It also combines well with my concealer, which is made by another company. I have no complaints, but it’s not amazing. I’m a bit annoyed that I have to shake it up before I try to pump it out. I kind of wish it was in a squeeze-tube.


And finally:Jack Black Lip Bs564344-main-Lheroalm, Mint
I have the opposite problem with this one: in the winter, it solidifies and is really hard to squeeze out of the tube!

So I have to sit this in front of my heater to warm up, just so it will get softer and I can get it out and onto my lips.

The color is clear, and the scent/taste is light. It doesn’t last very long, sadly, but I have never found one that does. It tastes a lot like the mint lip balm I used to get from Bath & Body Works, from a green tube. I miss that stuff.

But hey! Jack Black doesn’t test. I might want this for the summer, when it will come out of the tube easily. Maybe I’ll keep it until then and see how I feel about it in the warmer months. MAYBE.